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Rabu, 13 Desember 2017

Let’s Eat Three Times a Day, Theo

Three Times a Day Eating Pattern

eat three times a dayEating three times a day is a good eating pattern, it will give us an adequate energy and nutrient for our body (believe me, I know it because I’ve been taught over and over again). As a Nutrition Science Student Graduate, I was being taught about a good eating pattern, and three times eating a day (plus two snacking times in between) is good for our nutrition and our body. Three times a day pattern consists of Breakfast, snack time, Lunch, snack time, and Dinner. The benefit of three times a day eating pattern, as I already said before, is an optimum pattern because it will give us a recommended amount of energy and nutrient throughout the day and get through every activity that we will be going to do in that day. It will also prevent us from craving so much and make us eat too much food.

I Am Having a Problem with My Eating Pattern

I have a problem (like a huge problem right now). In the past two months, it is like I am really lazy to take a breakfast. These days, I usually skip breakfast into lunch, or maybe take a brunch. I am so lazy, to the point that I don’t want to get up from the bed resulting me skip a meal for my breakfast.

Ok, so these past two months (October and November) and until now are really busy months for me. I am intensively studying, exercising and training myself about Grammar, TOEFL, and IELTS. I am also preparing myself for the scholarship that I want to get for my master degree (which has so many documents that I have to prepare correctly.) Another activity that I do is blogging and writing because I am a Blogger. Because of all those things, it makes myself to skip breakfast and destroys my meal time pattern. Until now, it is still so hard for me eating (3) three times a day and always skip my breakfast. There are just so many reasons why I am having a problem with my eating pattern and the first one is my Laziness.

My Laziness Is Really Killing Me

It is really unfortunate for me because, again, my laziness is conquering me over and over again. If my Mother knows about this, then I will the same as dead (so I make this post in English and she will never know about my problem, I am sorry Mother). My Laziness and procrastinating habit are the two things that make me don’t want to go from my room and buy a meal for my breakfast, thus resulting on me skipping my breakfast. It really pains in the A**, because I always lose over my laziness. I am still struggling (like hell) to keep my laziness at bay.

Ok, before you blame my wrong and dangerous habit, let me make some clarification about that so you will know about my condition why I am doing this. It is about my laziness, I always lose over my laziness. When My Laziness Attacks, I will become so lazy up to the point that I don’t want to do anything (like nothing). If I am already so lazy, it is really hard for me to do something, hell sometimes I just stay in my bed and do nothing literally. When I get lazy, I tend to procrastinate myself, do some lazy activity such as playing games, browsing, or watching TV or hell maybe just DO NOTHING. I have been trying to fight my laziness, but there is one problem, I have breathing problem (and a disease) and making me so weak. It makes me don’t have really much energy and gets tired easily. When I was really tired then the laziness will attack me and I just can’t fight it so I do nothing.

I don’t have many options, I have to prepare myself for my TOEFL and IELTS test that will be held on December 2017(or January) and February 2018.  The cost to take the test is really expensive (especially IELTS) and I can’t just get lazy around and come unprepared. I must study harder and more intense, so I must sacrifice myself a bit. I don’t have the luxury to take another test if I failed to get the required TOEFL score and IELTS band because I am not from a rich family. My Mother is a single parent and I am trying as best as I can not make her life much harder because she already has such a hardest life by raising her children (me and my siblings) alone. There are just so many sacrifices that she has done just for us, and for me.

I always feel sorry when I lie to her and keeping a secret from her. I do this because I just don’t want her to worry about me. Oh, my mother is really easy worrying about me. Since I was a kid, I already had a disease that makes me weak, fragile and easily gets sick. Since then, my mother always worrying about me if something happens to me, so I don’t want to tell her about it.  

Oh, and also, Semarang is really an expensive city, I mean if I chose to eat three times a day, it can cost me up to 30k IDR and that is insanely expensive for me (again because I am not rich). I can save almost 10k IDR just by eating 2 (two) times meal a day. Still, I’m so sorry to my mother because I don't want to tell her about it but I will tell her when I get home later (I promise)
So those are the reasons why I have a problem with having a 3(three) times meal a day, whether you want to accept it or not, it is okay, you can blame me but I don’t care. By the way, I made this post as part of my English writing and grammar exercise. Thank You.

Author of Dee Nutrition’s Blog

 Author of Dee Nutrition's Blog

Selasa, 28 November 2017

Searching For Happiness (E)

searching for happiness

I am Searching for Happiness

What is Happiness? What is that thing? How can I get it? Until now, I am still wondering about it and still searching for Happiness. I want to know what Happiness is. Do I happy? Maybe, sometimes I get happy when I see and talk to my family or someone that I love, sometimes I get happy when I doing something that I like, or even sometimes I get happy but I don't know the reason why I am happy. But, behind all of that, I have more problems and burdens that I got in this life. All of those things make me unhappy, and I am having a hard time with that.

"I Don't Know What Happiness Is"

The pain, the burden and the problem that I have is really stressing me out. I think I will become bald in my mid -twenty, and that is not a good thing for me. I realized that if I stay like this and remain unchanged then I will be dead in my thirties because of the stress and depression that I will get because of it. 

I must search the happiness, I have to find it before it's too late for me to find. I should find my own happiness. I can't stay like this and remain unchanged. I can't keep holding the stress and the burden that I got from my problem. 

If I can't find my own happiness then my life will be in peril and I will be dead in the next few years from now. Do I want to die? Of course not, there are just so many things that I want to do and i want to get. There are just so many goals that I have not achieved yet. 

"My Life is Hard so I have to Find the Happiness"

My life is really hard, sometimes I just want to die because of my problem, but I can't give up and I won't give up. There is one thing that I want to do before I die, I want to make my mother happy, and always smile and laugh without any problem. My mother is everything to me and I can't give up yet, not until I give everything that I got.

I hope that God will answer my questions and my prayer. I still have so many things that I don't know. Why he gives me so many problems, why he gave me so many diseases that can not be cured, I really want an answer from God.

"I am Still Searching For my Own Happiness"

I have to find my own happiness because it is the thing that can make me get through every problem, stress, and burden that I got. I will not give up myself until I find it, I will do everything and anything to get my own happiness. Let the journey begin.

Dee Nutrition's Blog

Jumat, 24 November 2017

Welcome to My Blog : Dee Nutrition's Blog (E)

welcome to dee nutrition

Welcome to My Blog: Dee Nutrition's Blog

Hello, my name is Destio Dwiyan Fahrizki, and you can call me Theo. I am a blogger, and this is my Personal Blog, Dee Nutrition's Blog. Welcome to my Blog. I hope that you can enjoy staying on my blog. In this blog, There are two languages article/post. The purpose of why I made this blog is because I want to improve my writing both in Indonesian Language and English Language.

"I Become a Blogger to Improve my writing"

Dee is my other nickname, Nutrition is my academic background. Dee Nutrition's Blog is my personal blog, so it means that I can write anything that I want on this blog. even though the name of this blog is Nutrition (as you can clearly see that), this blog is a place for me to write about myself, my academic background in writing, my passion in writing and computer, my hobby in TV, Film/Movie and Comic. So don't be fooled by my Blog's name. All in all, the reason why I become a Blogger because I want to improve my writing skill.

When I was doing my research article, I realized that my writing skill was far from good, and that is not good for me. At that time, I got so many stuck when I was writing and finishing my research article. It made me realize that I have to train my writing skill and also my English writing.

As far as I am concerned, I have to improve my writing skill because It is really important for my future. Writing is really important for all of us, especially if I want to continue my academic background then improving my writing skill is a must. In my opinion, there is no way that I can become a great lecturer/teacher in the future if my writing skill is suck or bad. I have to learn more and practice more to improve my writing skill so I can become a great content writer. Blogging helps me to learn, improve and practice my writing skill regularly.

"It is not easy, but I am trying as best as I can to write regularly"

I become a Blogger to improve my writing skill, but also realizing my dream of having my personal Blog because I like writing journal diary and fantasy things since I was a kid. As a Blogger, I have an obligation to always post something on my blog regularly and consistently. Of course, because of that, It made me to writing something in regular time.

There is no short path or shortcut to become a great writer or have a great skill in writing. If we want to be great in writing, then we must learn is as best as we can and as hard as we can. It will take a long time to excel in writing. We must sacrifice our time and energy to improve on writing or on anything that we want to improve.

I hope that you enjoy staying and reading my post/article on my blog. I will keep improving myself to become better and better in writing, and become a great content Writer. Someday I believe that I will get what I want.

If you have any comment, critique or advice, feel free to send it to me because It will help me to improve myself. Thank you very much.

Selasa, 07 November 2017

I Finally Made It To Make More Than 100 Posts/Articles on My Blog (E)

dee nutrition 100 post

I Finally Made It To Make More Than 100 Posts/Articles on My Blog

“Woohoo, it’s my 102nd post, I already make more than 100 blog posts”

It’s done, it’s finally done. I finally got what I want, I finally accomplished my mission to make more than 100 posts on my Blog. It’s another milestone for me as a Blogger. I already make more than 100 posts/articles on my blog and now this article is my 102nd post on my Blog. I’m really happy with this accomplishment that I got. Yeah…

What I feel right now is really amazing right now. A month ago, I thought that I can’t get this milestone. I thought that I can’t make 100 posts/articles in November. I thought that I will become lazy and stop writing on my blog, but I’m wrong. I don’t believe it that I can make it, it such an amazing milestone that I got here. I will never stop writing and Blogging because it can improve my writing skill and become a great writer in the future.

Sometimes I just so stubborn and persistent with what I already promised to myself. Well, everyone that knows me know that I’m so stubborn and will never give up on anything that I want.  It is because If I already want to do or get something, I will do everything as best as I can to fulfill or get it. I will not stop until I get everything that I wanted. I can’t give up because I’m already on my way to get something that I really want to get and so I finally got this accomplishment.

“I feel amazing that I can get this Milestone”

I will continue writing on my blog and get another milestone. My next milestone is getting 200 blog posts/articles in early 2018. I will continue to write regularly every day. I will keep writing and improve myself so I can become a great content writer in the future. I will train my writing skill and become better and better so I will become a great blogger. I hope that I can make this blog better and better in quality and quantity.

“I will keep making an English Blog Post and Improve my English Writing”

I will continue to improve my English grammar. I will continue to write an English-language post/article. I will not stop until I can learn and master the English Grammar so I can get better in the English Language. I will not be going to stop because It will improve myself in English. I will keep practicing my English writing so I can get a great band in IELTS test and I can get a fully funded scholarship for my master degree later.

Writing is Never an Easy Task

Writing is not easy, it’s never going to be easy. Especially if you’re so easy to get lazy like me. For me, it’s really easy to get lazy and procrastinate myself in the process. I tend to get lazy or procrastinate myself when I stuck on something. But I can’t do that, it will waste my important time. Believe me, there are just so many obstacle and challenge that I got when I want to write something. The biggest obstacle that I always get is coming from my laziness and procrastination. I don’t want to give up and will not stop writing. I already promised myself not to get lazy and I will fight my laziness and stop procrastinating myself.

"Keep Spirit and Keep Writing"

If you don’t have any spirit to get anything that you want then I suggest you stop and do something else. Because it’s never be going to be easy, it’s a hard road that you’re in if you want to get something in your life. It’s not an easy way to accomplish something. If you’re lazy and tend to procrastinate, you will never get what you want without a spirit and willpower. You need the spirit of never give up to get through every challenge and obstacle that in your way so that you can get what you want.

So that’s it. It’s really amazing to me that I can get this accomplishment. I will continue to write and blog, I will never stop until I become great at it and become a great writer and blogger. How about you ? are you also a blogger ? is there any goal or accomplishment that you want to get or in the process to get that? I hope you can get what you want, don’t give up and keep going until you get that.

Don’t forget to subscribe and like Dee Nutrition’s Blog. If you have any question, comment, critique or advice then feel free to send it to me from the comment box down below. See you next time, and thank you very much.

Author Of Dee Nutrition’s Blog

Destio D. Fahrizki

Selasa, 31 Oktober 2017

I Will Always Love My Mother (E)

I love my mother

I always want to make an article or a post about my mother, because she’s very important to me, well, (every mother in the world is very important to us, right?) My mother is everything, I will be going to do my best to become a great and successful person so I can make my mother happy and be proud of me. I want to end her suffering and make her smile and laugh even more. Because I don’t want to lose her forever, not until I make her really happy.

Every mother is a Guardian Angel to her children. Mother is always helping us and take care of us in many things. My Mother is always there for me, I’m not a normal kid back then, I had a disease since I was born that made me so fragile and weak. I had an immune problem that makes me easily get sick, but my mother & my father keep holding and protecting me until I become a grown-up person. Even until my father passed away and I become an adult, she’s still worried about my condition. I know that I still so easy to get sick, but that’s because since I was a kid I have a low immunity system. I know about my condition and to keep myself a bit healthy and live longer and also make my mother less worried about me, I must practice and try to live a healthy life.

She’s already suffering so much, back then when I was a kid, I was a crybaby and weak kid because of my diseases. I was always asking for her help in things that I can’t do. She’s sometimes mad at me, but she never stops to love me. I know how hard it is for her to have a kid like me.

My mother just gets 52nd years old this year, she’s already more than half decade. She’s getting old but she’s still doing most of the household work by herself, most of the time. Sometimes I just can’t see her doing all of those things knowing that she’s getting old and easily get tired. I don’t want her to get sick, I don’t want anything to happen to my mother.

A long time ago, I really lazy to do any household works. I tend to avoid all of it and don’t want to do any of it. But then I realized that my mother is suffering so many things, if you let her do any household work by herself and you aren’t helping, it means that I let her suffer. I don’t want to do that after my father passed away, there is a promise I remembered that I must make my mother much happier. So then after that, I keep trying to do some of the household work like dishwashing, broom the floor, sometimes I laundry my own clothes and take my mother to school by motorcycle.

My mother is everything to me, she’s my light, she’s my hope, she’s my willpower. I will do everything for her. I want to make her happy. All this time, she’s suffering so many things but she keeps enduring it. I must study and work harder so I can repay everything that she already gives to me and my siblings. There is no way that I can get lazy when I know what she’s been through for me.
I am so very grateful that I have her. My mother is so strong, she can raise her three children by herself. When my father passed away, she chose to become a single parent, raising her own kids by herself until her children become a grown-up person and can get a degree and can get a work. My mother is sacrificing so many things just for me and for my siblings, she chose to endure the pain that she has until now just for the sake of her children.

I don’t want to make my mother keep suffering because of me, I must do everything with all might to become a successful person and make my mother happy and be proud of me. I also have to be strong too, I don’t want to become a weak person even though I know that I have so many illness and diseases. I’ll keep enduring myself with everything that I have, the very same thing that she already has done until now.

I know that I can’t repay everything that she gave to me, but I will do my best, as best as I can, to repay her. I can’t slack around when I know my mother is suffering and doing her best for me, sometimes when I slacking myself up, I will remember how hard it is for her to live like that and I will encourage myself not to slack around or to procrastinate myself.

I will always love her, no matter what. She’s not perfect, but she’s doing her best and sacrifice so many things just for the sake of me, my brother and sister. She’s my willpower to become a great person, she’s the one that gives me hope to live and get through all the problems in my life. I will do my best to keep improving myself and become a better person. I will keep learning things so I can become a great and successful person. I want to become a successful person and make my mother happy. My very first wish after become successful? I want to buy a car so I can be traveling with her and my family together.

Right now, I will do my best to become a great and successful person. I can’t slack around and get lazy. I have to do my best and push myself up to break the limit and become successful. It’s all for my sake and her sake.

That’s it, that’s the story about my mother. How about you? How much you close with your mother? do you agree with everything that I write up there? give your answer and your story in the comment box below. Also, if you have any critique or advice for me then just send it over to me.

How about my grammar skill? Is it already good or nah? Feel free to comment in the box below. Don’t forget to subscribe and like Dee Nutrition’s Blog Fans Page. Thank you very much and see you next time…

Senin, 30 Oktober 2017

Learning, Learning and Keep Learning (E)

keep learning

Learning is an inevitable thing in our life, if we want to become successful then we must be learning so many things. If we want to get something and make our dream comes true then we need to keep learning. Without learning, we cannot do anything in our life, there just so many things that we can’t do without learning, there’s no way we will going to know something if we aren’t learning 

Learning is a process. From Wikipedia, Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences. Evidence that learning has occurred may be seen in changes in behavior from simple to complex, from moving a finger to skill in synthesizing information or a change in attitude

Learning is a long process. We just can’t become smart at something in the glimpse of the eye. There is just so many time that we must invest to learn something. It’s a long road when we’re learning something. It’s not a short road, it’s a long road, a very long road that will be going to make us become great at something.

Learning is never going to be easy, there are just so many things that will make us suffer. Learning is so hard if we want to become great at something. There will be so many obstacles and challenges that make Learning becomes so hard to do, but if we can get through of those obstacles and challenges? believe me, you’ll get what you want and become great at it.

Learning is a lifetime process, we will always be learning something until we die.  Human learning begins since we were born and continues until death as a consequence of ongoing interactions between person and environment. We learn something since we were born until we die later, there is nothing that can stop us from learning if we really want to do it. We will be going to learn so many things in our life, there will be dozens of things that we know and we learn about something.

Learning can make us become a great person because learning will take us to become great at many things.  Great persons can become great because they have so many skill, knowledge, and things. And of course, a great person can get all of that from learning. So, learning is important for all of us if we want to become a great person.

We need learning if we want to become a great person and make our dream come true. There is no way that we can become a great person and achieve our dream if we aren’t learning anything. Learning is the key to success and can make your dream comes true. You can become anything that you want if you keep learning.

We must never give up at something, we need to keep learning until we become great at it.  I know that there are so many obstacles and challenges that will be going to try to stop us from learning, but if we can fight it and get through of those things, there will be nothing that can stop us to learn anything that we want. We must have a faith in ourselves when we want to learn something, believe that we can get through anything and everything to become a great person that we always want to get.
So that’s it, learning is very important for us, don’t stop learning until we die. Just keep learning and learning something new. Just keep learning until you become a great person with so many great skill and talents that you got from learning things.

Don’t forget to subscribe and like Dee Nutrition’s Fans Page to get a new information about from this blog. If you have anything that you want to ask, critique or advice, feel free to send them to me. How about my English grammar in this article? is it good or nah? is there anything that I must fix? if you have any advice, I really hope that you will send it to me. Thank you and See you next time. 

Sabtu, 28 Oktober 2017

Why Can’t I Exercise Myself Regularly? (E)

can't exercise myself

Why Can’t I Exercise Myself Regularly?

"Exercise regularly is so hard when you're so lazy" 

How many are you who exercise regularly? Are you having a hard time to get active and exercise regularly? that also goes for me too. I mean, isn’t it really hard to do exercising regularly? especially when you are on holiday, it’s so damn hard. I’m still having a hard time to exercise myself regularly because of my laziness. Hell, my laziness and procrastination are my big obstacle when I want to do something good or to improve myself and exercise is one of the things that is so hard to do when you’re so lazy and procrastinate yourself

It’s a long holiday for me because this year I finally have done with my degree, I will become a nutrition science graduate in November. Why I said this time is a long holiday for me? because I right now, I’m mostly doing nothing, and that is not a good thing for me. Doing nothing means It will make me less activity and will make me tend to procrastinate myself. I’m a great procrastinator, and when I do procrastinate myself, I can do it all the time. When I procrastinate myself, there is one major problem that I will get, I will also become lazier and will make me don’t want to exercise and physically active. That’s a huge problem for me.

"Holiday means high laziness, it makes exercise regularly become harder to do"

When you do not exercise yourself regularly, there just so many bad things that will be going to happen to our/my body. For me it can make myself get central obesity faster, my waist circumference will be much bigger, it makes my blood pressure unstable and become higher, I can get stress easily, and much more. There just so many good benefits for us when I exercise myself regularly, especially on releasing my stress, it works, but my laziness and procrastinating are blocking me from doing an exercise.

Until now, I’m still fighting and struggling with my laziness and procrastination. Because those things are bad for me, I know it but those things have a really big force that sometimes it makes me don’t want to exercise or doing an improving thing for myself. Laziness is really hard to beat if you/I don’t have a good strategy to win over laziness because the nature of laziness is it is easy to get lazy than to physically active.

I hate when I get lazy and procrastinate myself, I hate myself when I can’t exercise myself regularly. My exercise routine that I do right now is just push up and sit up 50 times a day, but that’s not enough, that’s still far away from getting the right amount of time to exercise regularly. The recommendation of time to exercise is 60 minutes a day minimum with low to medium intensity, or 2.5 hours a week.

"It needs high effort to kill your laziness and do exercising"

I do really want to change myself and strategize a plan to make sure I can stay away from getting lazy and procrastinating myself up, I will encourage and enlighten myself too because, in the end, I need exercise, we all need to exercise myself if we want to stay healthy. Now, I’m also getting fat, there are just so many belly fats in my abdomen and I should do something before I get Central Obesity. If you already have hypertension and you got Central Obesity, that’s very likely that you will develop a stroke or cardiac problem in the future. I don’t want to die fast, I don’t want to die like my father, I don’t want to die before I can make my mother happy. I must stay alive, and to do that I must exercise myself regularly.

There’s no way that we can get healthy without exercise (plus healthy eating). We must have a good lifestyle and good eating pattern so we can stay healthy and stay away from bad diseases that can kill us, kill me, or kill you. Exercise is a must for all of us if you want to live longer, we must exercise ourselves regularly and consistency to make sure us to stay physically active and healthy.

The urge to get lazy is really high and tempting, if you can’t handle and control it then you will be going to lose the war with your laziness. You will succumb to your laziness and make yourself getting lazier and more procrastinate yourself than ever. You must train yourself to control the urge and temptation of being lazy. I know it’s hard, but there is no easy way to beat your laziness, it comes with a hard way to beat laziness.

I don’t want to get so many stress, I want to decrease my stress level and exercising myself will be going to help me to do it. When I really lazy and procrastinate myself, I tend to get stress so easily, besides exercise regularly can help us to decrease our stress level. I can get stress easily, I already know that exercise myself regularly will going to decrease my stress level. I already proved it back then in the third year of my college life. It is like when you/I exercise regularly, I can feel much lighter without so much stress. I want to feel that again

So that’s it, for now, I’m still struggling to exercise myself regularly? because it’s hard not to get lazy and procrastinate myself, but still I will always try to improve myself and make a strategy to combat my laziness and procrastination. I hope that at the of the next month, I can exercise myself regularly and become a much healthy and happy person. I want to stay alive and live longer to make the one that I really care about happy and proud of me.

If you have any question, critique, advice or you have your own story, you can send it to me from the comment box below. Don’t forget to subscribe and like Dee Nutrition’s Blog Fans Page to get a new information from this Blog. Thank You and see you next time.

Kamis, 26 Oktober 2017

Just Do it and Start Writing (E)

just start writing

Writing? Have you ever wondering why you suck when you writing something ? you just can’t make a really good paragraph, you stuck so many times and that makes you stop writing? It’s like what you write is always bad and lack something. I know, I’ve been there and sometimes I get stuck too, but there is only one thing that always remembers me not to stop writing. Just do it and keep writing until it’s done.

I know some of you don’t like writing, but we need writing. Writing is just like something that we need and already become part of our life without we even realize. We’re writing a note in class or meeting, writing a work or homework, writing a report, writing a thesis or journal article, writing a story and so much more. We just don’t realize that we always writing.

Just do it and start writing, your writing will never be perfect. It can be great but never be perfect. Don’t be a perfectionist. There just so many great authors around the world that told us to just start writing and don’t be a perfectionist because we are human, we aren’t perfect, we are not God, we are not flawless. So that means everything that you write is never going to be perfect.

If you stuck so many times, it’s not because you suck at writing, it’s because you aren't trained and exercise your writing skill regularly. Try to write something regularly and consistency, it can help you strengthen your writing skill. for me, I made a personal blog to make myself keep writing, and until now it’s work. I mean, if you want to have a really good blog and traffic you must post an article or post regularly and consistently. Right now, I always posting an article once per day, and that makes me exercise my writing skill regularly.

To minimalize from getting stuck, you must practice writing regularly and do pre-writing often and consistency so you can improve yourself when you’re writing something. Challenge yourself to write something in a daily basis, you have so much time. You got 24 hours every day, or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds a day, that is a huge amount of time that we got from God every single day. So train your writing skill every day and become a great writer.

Writing is not that bad, just do it and keep writing, there’s no way that your writing will be good on the first try ? except your some kind of writing genius or prodigy, you must excel your writing skill with practice. There is no way that we can be great in short amount of time. If we want to be great at writing we must exercise and practice also don’t give up until we can become a great writer.

The road will never go to be easy, there are just so many obstacles that can make you stop writing. Be careful when you’re stuck so many times, it can make you stop writing and tend to procrastinate yourself. I have been there, but right now I just keep writing and writing without thinking about being good or bad about it, if I get stuck I will take a break for a few minutes to try to get an inspiration by reading a related article about my writing topic, reading a book or watching 5 minutes youtube video to refresh myself and after that I get an Idea again about what I want to write.

Stuck because you don’t know what you want to write? I think that is a bullshit. There are just so many ideas that you can get if you realize it. I can get Idea of writing when I read something, I can get Idea from doing something, I can get Idea from wandering about something. There are just so many activities that can get us an idea to write, we just have to search it thoroughly and trust me you’ll find it.

So that’s it, Writing is a process, if you want to become a great writer then you must exercise and practice yourself regularly, challenge yourself to write something regularly so you can improve your writing skill. Don’t be such a perfectionist, because we can’t be perfect, just write anything that you like and write anything that you want and without you even realize you already become someone who great at writing something.

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Minggu, 15 Oktober 2017

Top 5 (Five) Benefits Of Writing Regularly (E)

If you already read my recent articles, you’re probably know that I like writing. I’m writing on a daily basis. Writing to record something, writing to note something, writing to relief myself when I got stress and writing for my blog. Writing is like part of my life, I’m writing so many things since I was a kid. Writing helps me in so many things. I have a problem when it comes to tell to other people about my feeling or problem, and to compensate the burden or the stress that I got from keeping the problem or emotion to myself, I write my everything into my journal. At least this is what I can do to relieve and reduce the stress so I can live without much stress and burden. That’s all thanks to Writing.

I also like to write because I like to fantasize something, when your friends are tv or computer and your daily activity was watching an anime, or cartoon or playing fantasy game then you absolutely know why I like to fantasize about many things. Writing helps me to expand my fantasy, with Writing I can get a more detailed fantasy and It’s pretty cool, it’s like you can make your own origin and your own world. Writing helps me in so many things.

Right now as a blogger, I must do the writing on regular basis and more consistent (because I want to expand my blog and keeps my blog alive). Having a habit of writing regularly is good for me, and when I realized this, there are just so many benefits that I got from writing regularly. Here is the list of benefits that I felt from writing regularly.

1.    Can Help Relieve My stress

This is the first thing that I really feel. I don’t know how to explain this to you, but I think Writing can reliefs my stress. I’m already become an active blogger and writing regularly since 4 months ago. I know that I can’t erase my stress, but at least writing can help reduce my stress level and that’s good for me or for you who have so many problems that you don’t want to share with someone. 

Back then, I read about the benefit or writing regularly can decrease yourself, at first I don’t believe it, but right now I know that it is true because I prove it myself. I know that some of you do not believe me? My answer is you can try it yourself, try to write something regularly or become a Blogger. Become a Blogger means you must writing regularly and trust me It will going to help your stress. 

2.    Writing Can Help Replace My ‘Bad Habit’

This one is probably what I feel right now, every time I write something. I have a bad habit when it comes to playing games and watching tv or film because I can do it all day and It’s wasting my time so much. So to replace it, I must make or replace it with a “good habit” or do some useful things such as reading a book or an article, playing and exercising my Violin skill, or with Writing. 

I always read or heard from motivational article or video that If we want to erase our bad habit, we must make a ‘good habit’ and replace the bad habit with the good habit that we made. It’s an overwriting method and It’s much easier than just erase a bad habit alone. Writing is one of the good habits that I can do easily because mostly I write on laptop or smartphone and can prevent me from doing a bad habit on those things

3.    Writing is Better than Procrastinating

God gives us 24 hours every day, that’s 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds that we always get every day. It’s a huge amount of time that we got every single day and the truth is we can do so many things with it. Every normal human being has the same chances to use that time to do everything that he/she want to do. For me, I always want to make every minute counts for me. I’m trying as best as I can not waste the time that I got for a useful activity even though that procrastinating always becomes my obstacle.

It’s really easy to procrastinate myself because I have so many things that can make me procrastinate such as Laptops, Tablet PC, Smartphone, and iPod. I can say that I’m a good procrastinator, He*l, I’m great at it. It’s really easy to do nothing or waste so much time doing a useless activity such as watching TV or Watching Film, playing games or browsing social media all day. I’m really easy to regret something, and when I regret something I will get stressed out. I don’t want to increase my stress level, I want to decrease it. So the one things that I have to do is making a time schedule.

These past years, I’m trying to learn about time management. If you have a good time management, you can prevent yourself from procrastination, thus can decrease my stress level and thus can break my bad habit. Making a time schedule or daily activity so I will not go to forget all of the important things that I must do at that day. I know that sticking to your time management plan is not easy, but I’ll keep trying and improve myself. Another thing is, It's also helped me to exercise to be more discipline to the plan that I already made and in the end it’s all so I can become a better person 

Writing can replace my procrastination activity, when I begin to procrastinate I will going to tell myself that I must replace it with something useful and Writing is one of the best choices that I have. With Writing, I can increase and exercise my writing skill, my English skill. I always want to become a really good content writer or become a ‘Wordsmith”. Also when you’re a Blogger, you must have a consistency when you want to release an article, is it daily, twice or third times a week, it’s up to you but you must consistent with what you already do. With doing writing, I can get out from lazing around and procrastinate myself, so I can use my time on more meaningful or useful things. 

4.    Writing Can Improve My Writing Skill

When It comes to writing with a structure, I suck at this because I write everything that I want, without any structure like some kind of introduction, content and closing section. I write as like as I want. But then I realized now when I was in college and finishing my research article. You will go to suffer when you do that, you will going to stuck so many times because you’re not writing regularly, and it can prolong the time to finish your research article, thus can lead you to stress or depression (and I don’t want that). Because of that, I learn from my past mistakes and I want to exercise my writing skill with writing regularly and become a Blogger 

Writing regularly means that we exercise our vocabulary knowledge, train us to make a good sentence, challenge us to make a good paragraph so when I or someone read the write or the article, I or they will understand what I try to explain or, It will be read fluently or flowingly by me or someone.

5.    Writing Can Keep My Knowledge Still Relevant

The other things why I want to write because I also want to keep my knowledge especially about nutrition (as my degree) and about computer & technology still relevant. I want to know how much I know about something related to nutrition and computer, I want to know what I understand after I read some book, article or journal about nutrition and computer. I want to keep my knowledge competencies better and better because when you write something, you must also read some kind of references. It can be from books, article or journal that I read.

So, that’s it what I felt when I actively writing. I can reduce my stress level even it’s only just a little, I can erase my bad habit by overwritten my bad habit, I  can stay away from procrastinating myself and wasting my time with unimportant things, and also I can learn to increase my writing and my English skill. It makes me a bit happy, less stressed in my daily life. I know that some of you will not believe me because everyone will be going to have a different feeling after writing regularly.  So what are you waiting for? I challenge you to begin writing regularly and feel the positive effect or benefit from it.

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Sabtu, 14 Oktober 2017

Being Fat on Holiday is Just Inevitable (E)

Being Fat on Holiday is Just Inevitable

(This post is part of my English and Grammar Training, feel free to give a critique or advice, I will really appreciate that. Thank you very much)

What do you think about holiday ? are you also waiting holiday to come ? are you excited about holiday ? if you’re answer is yes, then you and I are the same. I always waiting for holiday to come, It’s fun when we are on holiday. We can do so many things in holidays or maybe we can do nothing on holiday. When you’re in college and you are a college student, there are just so many things that can make you stressed out, so holiday is like a miracle and we can forget everything that happened in college and try to have fun. Holiday is fun, but there are two  things from the holiday that I don’t like. First, Holiday is making me fat, I can eat everything that I want because there no limiter when you’re in home, you can get every food that you want because you don’t have to save your money. Second, Holiday is making me lazier than ever. When you are lazy, you will tend to procrastinate and not do anything, also my physical activity will going to decrease and it’s really easy to get fat. I can play video games or watching tv/films all day and sometimes I can’t stop it, It’s like I’m being absorbed into it and can’t get away.

When you eat too many foods and you don’t do enough physical activity or exercise then get ready to get fat when you are. I can get 3 – 5 kg of weight gain at the end of my holiday, and it’s shockingly making me a bit fat and probably I will resent myself because of the weight gain that I got. I resent myself because I eat too much and  not exercise regularly. All of those things are making me become fat, and I don’t want to be fat. Fat is not good for me, being fat is not good for my health, also being fat makes me can’t do or use many things and it is suck. So to prevent that, I must exercise regularly and control what I eat so I can control my body weight and I can stay normal.

So that’s it, that two things that I don’t like when holiday is coming, I will tend to eat too much and not do physical activity/exercise regularly. I know that it is wrong, because of that I’m trying as best as I can to control it and get away from getting so much weight gain so I don’t get fat.

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Jumat, 06 Oktober 2017

Top 5 (Five) Lessons That I Got After Making More Than 50 Posts/Articles On My Blog (E)

“ Become a blogger is not easy, it’s difficult and there are just so many challenges that you’ll get”

I merely realize that I already make one of my first major blogging milestones, get a 50 posts/articles. Woah, it’s really exciting, I mean a long time ago when I start to blog again back in, at that time I think I will going to fail again and off again from blogging, but until now I’m still writing and I’m still blogging. It's been 4 months since I was become active to blog and write again, It's exciting. I learn so many things in the past months from learning SEO trick and optimization, learning a bit about HTML and XML language programming, learning to make an article in English, learning about how to increase visitor on my blog, and so much more. It’s really difficult to find the time to sit down and a rich content post, especially if you have another project or another work to do.

There are just so many things that I've done and without I realize I've already made 50 Posts on my Blog. That's a small milestone that I should be proud of. I mean not everyone can make until 50 posts/articles. When they stuck and bored with writing on a blog, they just stop and feeling that it’s not worthed my time and effort. I honestly think that I will go to be like that but I don’t know, It’s not that hard and I need my blog to write and to increase my writing and English skill.  I’ve continued to learn about blogging and content marketing since last month and I will never stop to keep improving myself and my blog to become better and better.

Below I have outlined 5 things that I can learn from 50 Articles that I make on my blog, here are the lists :

1.    It Feels Good that I Can Make 50 Posts/Articles This Far

For me to make 50 articles is good, there are so many things that I learn how to make a good article and the connection to increase the visitor to the Blog. I also begin to use the keyword planner and search for the most topic that is searched on the web (well Google search engine of course).  After 50 articles that I made, I’m beginning to ask a question of myself. “Is it good? Is it worthed? Did the plan work? did the visitor like your page ?” and so much more. Honestly, there is something that I still lack and I do have to improve, but I don't want to stop blogging because it goods for me and it helps me to improve myself

2.    Keyword Planner Is Your Friend

When you are trying to make a new article, you need a topic, what I learned recently that I can’t just make and choose what I have to make without using the keyword planner. With using keyword planner from Google, we will know what’s the topic that being search the most by the users all around the world. It makes you can be more specific and help you to make a good article that’s being searched by the internet user around the world. You can use Keyword Planner from Google Adwords, It’s really helpful for me when it comes to writing a new article for my blog.

3.    A Schedule Is Going to Make Your Work Easier

Until now, when I want to make an article I have to wait until I have the energy to make an article If I’m so fired up, I can end up making so many articles, but when I get bored or don’t have any energy I can only make 1 article. In the article that I read from a successful blogger, It said that we need to make a schedule to our blog. Tried to be more disciplined and consistent so It will be going to increase the chance. Blogging consistently is a challenge for anyone if you don’t have a good and specific schedule for your blog plus you’re not being disciplined and consistent with that schedule, trust me, it will going to fail because I already there. I’m still having a bit problem with the schedule of course, but I’m getting better to stick with my schedule because I make my schedule more specific and detail than before.

“Remember always, Discipline and Consistent are The Keys”

4.    It’s Not That Hard When You’re Discipline and Consistent

Discipline and consistency are needed when we are blogging, It makes our blog to become more credible because we stick to the plan and consistent to give the visitor a consistent and scheduled posts/articles. Seriously, discipline and consistency is your key to increase your blog’s visitor. It also can make your blog become more professional because you stick to your usual schedule post in your blog. Successful bloggers out there always talk about discipline and consistent because it’s really important if you want to make yourself not stressed out with the schedule. Also, you have to be patient with your blog, don’t rush yourself if you can’t make an article daily, make a plan that’s the best for you so it will make your blogging easier, not the other way around

5.    Getting More Fired Up Make To Reach The Next Milestone

For the next milestone is 100 articles posting. I’m still fired up to get 100 posts/article and also to increase my visitor on the blog. 100 Posts/article is my new target. There is no way I will go to slow down myself from this, not until I get 100 posts/articles. I will make so many posts this month until I get 100 posts/articles, It’s not hard when you’re already know how to do that. The next goal that I must get for this month is I can get 100 posts/articles before November.

So that’s it, that is 5 things that I learned after I made 50 posts/article on my blog. How about you? Are you a blogger too? Do you still active writing on a blog or you feeling bored so you stop writing? It’s never going to be easy when we want to become a successful blogger, we need an effort, a really hard effort to do that.

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Rabu, 04 Oktober 2017

Dee's Review : An Honest Review of The New Windows 10 : Is it Good ? (E)

As we already know, Windows is the most operating system that is used all around the world. Ever since I was a kid, the first Windows that I know is Windows ME and Windows XP, that’s classic. Since then I always use Windows as my operating system on PC, I tried to become a Linux user, but It’s not fit for me so I give up and get back to Windows. I also want to try MacOS, but I can’t do it. You must know the answer already, right? yes, I cannot afford it, because all of Apple Products is pretty d*mn expensive, even though I know that the user experience on both MacOS and iOS is better than other OS, It’s still so pricey for me and I can’t afford it, so I prefer and choose Windows OS.

There are so many version of Windows OS, from Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and the newest and the latest one is Windows 10. Microsoft said that Windows 10 will be going to become the last version of Windows until Microsoft decided to make a new Windows version. But don’t be afraid, this strategy doesn’t mean that Windows 10 will suck, Microsoft will gonna give a big update that giving Windows 10 a new and improved feature, and many improvements into your Windows 10 PC and make the user experience becomes much better than before.

Microsoft will surely supporting Windows 10 for a very long time and will go to give a big update to Windows 10 each year. In Microsoft Portfolio said that there will be 2 big updates that will be going to come to Windows 10 each year. It’s been 2 years, and Microsoft already gave us 3 big update from Windows 10 November Update, Anniversary Update, and the latest one is Creators Update. Of course, there are just so many features and improvement that’s included in each version of the update, and it makes your Windows 10 experience become better. Trust me, you going to love Windows OS after you try Windows 10.

The user experience is almost like MacOS and that’s a good thing, for a long time Windows is so tacky and the experience is lack something. The design and the mechanism, It’s like before Windows 10 is coming out, Windows is always lost to MacOS, but now it’s different, you’ll never be upset or disappointed with this latest version of Windows. There just so many features that are being added by Microsoft in Windows 10 from the original Windows 10 to the latest big update Creators Update

-          The Pros of Windows 10

I have been using Windows 10 since since the launch of the Original Windows 10 back at 2015, There are  a bunch of features that I like from Windows 10, here are the lists of feature that make Windows 10 is really cool :

1.      Multi Touchpad Gesture on Windows 10
With Windows 10 mousepad, right now you can do so many things, like going to the desktop, switch between program or software, open search box, open action center, change to another desktop. I’ having so much fun with this feature, I mean I always want this feature since in Windows 7. At that time when I was trying OS X, the touchpad gesture is really awesome. And I thought at that time also that, Microsoft will going to add this really much-needed feature to Windows 8, but it turns out to be false and the most annoying part is the start button is gone and being replace by Metro UI. (That su*ks Microsoft).

Then I keep waiting for another time when Microsoft will going to introduce a new version of Windows and when Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 back in 2015, what I want to know is the multi-touchpad gesture that I really need, and finally, touch-pad gesture is in Windows. Finally, Microsoft learns something from the so many lacks of Windows 8 back then.

2.      Virtual Desktop is so Helpful
This is the second feature that I like in Windows 10, I mean you can have so many virtual desktops that have their own program that’s open in that virtual desktop. I mostly used this multiple virtual desktop if I want to multitask myself doing writing and video or sound editing into my blog. If I want to switch, I just use the multi gesture feature to switch between each desktop. That’s really – really cool. What this feature lack is, the personalization of each virtual desktop that it doesn’t have, so every single virtual desktop is basically the same. I hope in the next update the virtual desktop is getting an upgrade or an improvement, I mean it has a really good function and everyone like it, so let’s hope for Microsoft to improve the Virtual Desktop feature in the Windows 10

3.      The Classic Start Menu Is Back but with a Major Improvements + Metro UI Mix
I really don’t like Metro UI Start, It’s like Microsoft’s killing the Classic Start which is the Windows characteristic since the very beginning of Windows. I condemn the action that Microsoft take in Windows 8. In Windows 10, the start is back with a few major improvement. The start is like the mix between the classic and Metro UI start and it’s cool. One thing that I like from Metro UI start is I can edit the layout and the color as I like, and with Windows 10, I can make my own start layout style, and I love it. When I first use the vanilla version, there were some limitations like I cannot drag an Icon from the start to the outside and vice versa. Until now, I don’t even know how to remove a program folder from the start. It’s a bit confusing though, and I hope Microsoft will fixing this and bring a new feature to the classic start

4.      Easy to Get a Software from Open Source, Freeware, Free Trial and Paid
It’s not a coincidence that Windows 10 has so many softwares (open source, free ware, to paid). Windows is the most OS that being used by people around the world, the access to get so many software that’s available and rich is here

-         The Cons of Windows 10

That’s what I like from Windows 10, what I don’t like, here they are :

1.      The Annoying Automatic Windows Update
It’s really annoying, I mean we cannot turn off the Windows update except we shut down the service of Windows Update, there’s no way we or even general user can stop the Windows 10. Microsoft said that ‘forcing’ an update to a PC can help and ensure Windows 10 PC is always getting the new update and improve the security in Windows 10. If you’re into the news in the past 2 years, this problem is become a phenomena because Microsoft dare to disable the manual toggle to disable Windows Update. The worst thing? Microsoft makes Windows 7 and Windows 8 user to upgrade to Windows 10  by forcing them with a tricky step to trap Windows 7 and Windows 8 user to install and upgrade to Windows 10. The next annoying part is Windows 10 is forcing you to even install a driver for your PC to the newest version, but the problem is sometimes it doesn’t work and can't get the latest version of the driver.

2.      The Confusion Between Settings and Control Panel
I’m also confused between UWP Settings and Control panel. For your information, UWP settings are definitely UWP of Control Panel. Since the original until creators update, Microsoft is slowly making Settings as a main choice than control panel, what I find it ridiculous is, how the hel* that the migration to UWP program is taking a really long time to take. I mean, come on, Microsoft is a huge company and has many talented people who can take care of this, but nothing that can fasten the migration process from Control Panel to Settings. But behind of the confusion, It’s still easy to understand and navigate through the Settings, you can set up something in here easily than when you’re in the Control Panel. I hope in the next update, they can migrate all of the set up from control panel to settings

3.      The dull and not improved Task Manager
The task manager is one of the useful program in Windows OS, it’s like an app or software that we use to help us when there is something going on or crash or hang are happening on your PC. It also tells you the information of the Hardware, the resource that being uses, and services. Honestly, I find it so hard to believe that Task Manager is just like that, there is no new feature or improvement even until in Creators Update.  Task Manager is always helpful, but it’s kind of dull and needs some improvement.

Nice addition for Task Manager will be come and bring a new feature to Windows 10, there will going to be a GPU resource and monitoring system inside task manager and that’s good.

4.      Windows Store Doesn’t Have too Many Apps
Ok, I know that there are just so many Win32 application on Windows, Win32 software is like you can find it everywhere for Windows, the UWP apps in Windows 10 store is just a few. Windows Store is still growing, but it’s growing so slowly and lost to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. I hope Microsoft will find a way to increase the UWP apps on Windows Store, so the apps that available in the Windows Store is increasing and there are so many varieties that we can get from the categories that we want

5.      Don’t Have Any Built in Desktop Widget App
The addition of Windows Desktop Widget back then in Windows 7 is a nice addition and become a characteristic that make Windows 7 so different from the predecessor, and I hope Microsoft will going to included and improved it in the next version of Windows. It turns out, that This feature is gone in Windows 8 and so on, we can’t get Windows Desktop Widget in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Right now,  the widget that we can add to Desktop is only Sticky note, but that’s all. But don’t worry, there is a third party software that’s better than built-in Windows Desktop Widget, you can have a cool widget with using Rainmeter Desktop. It’s an amazing program, and can boost the beautiful of your desktop.

So how is it ? do you agree with me? If you read this then I personally giving you the advice to install or upgrade or choose Windows 10 as your main PC OS. It’s good and it’s getting better and better. Trust me, you’ll going to like it. And for surprise, Windows 10 will have a new big update, 4th big update. The name is Fall Creators Update, I know it sounds very similar and I also think that Microsoft is so lazy at making a new different name to each update, but really, the new features and improvement in this update will surprise you and you’ll be going to be like it  

Windows 10 is already more than 2 years, the newest update Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will come to you Windows 10 PC start to rolling out on October 17th,2017, So If you really want to upgrade to Windows 10, It’s the right time to upgrade your pc into the latest generation of Windows and newest big update of Windows 10.

I think this is the end of my post. Don’t forget to subscribe and like our fans page. If you have any question you can ask a question in the comment box below. Thank you very much.


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