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Selasa, 13 Februari 2018

5 (Five) Steps If You Want to Get Approved by Google AdSense 2018

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So, one week ago, I finally got approved by Google AdSense, and now I can monetize my blog. It’s one of the best things that happened to me. Now I want to make an article about How I could get approval from Google AdSense. So, let’s check this out, okay? These are 5 (five) steps that you must follow.

Read, Understand, and Obey the AdSense and Blogger Rules & Guidelines

It is the first steps that you have to do, first your blog must obey with the AdSense rules & policy. Trust me, if you can understand all of the rules, policy and guidelines that were given by Google to you, then you can get approved by Google AdSense in no time. It will be easy for you if you understand those things and try your blog not to break the rules of AdSense. So, what are you waiting for? Read every single one of AdSense Rules, policy and Guidelines.

Choose a Unique Niche and Specific Theme for Your Blog

Niche and theme are really important for your blog. If you want to get approved by Google AdSense fast, then you must have a unique blog with unique niche and specific theme. When you register for AdSense, your blog must have so many quality articles that ‘sticks’ to your blog’s niche and theme.

Simple, Easy and Eye-Catching Blog’s Template

Make your blog’s template as simple as possible, so it’s easy for visitor of your blog to navigate inside of the blog. Make sure, your blog’s template must be ‘compatible’ with your blog’s theme. Example, because my blog, Dee Nutrition’s Blog, is about nutrition, health, and other related issues, so my blog’s template is ‘Green’, with a white background color. I am trying to make my blog as flat and as simple as possible. Another thing that you should consider is your blog’s navigation. IS your blog already have menu pages? Is your blog already have widgets which are required to help your blog’s visitor in navigating and searching in your blog?

Don’t USE Internal Links Trick When Applying for Google AdSense

Okay, I got this tip when I was searching to fix my navigation problem. When I ask in the Google AdSense forum, I was told that I should not include or set Internal Links on my blog’s article. I know that Internal Links is required for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but, if you’re wrong on implementing Internal Links in your blog, then there’s a high chance that your blog will be rejected (Just like I the way I did back then). So, after I got the advice, I edit all of my blog’s articles and erase any internal links in it. Sure, it was tiring (like I said before, getting approve by Google AdSense is tiring and stressing), but in the end it was worth the wait because I got approved by Google AdSense.

Increase Blog’s Visitor by Improving the Quality and Quantity of Your Blog’s Article

Well, it is obvious right? If you want your visitor to visit your blog, and read your blog’s article, then the quality and quantity of your blog’s article must be great. Google AdSense like a website that has so many visitors a day. Even, Google AdSense has a rule (you can check it on the internet) when your blogs has more than 300.000 visitors a day, you will be approved in no time. It’s great right? But the problem is, if you really want to increase your blog’s visitor, then you must improve the quality and quantity of your blog’s article.
So That’s it for right now, I hope that I can keep posting the story about how I can be approved by Google AdSense in the Future. Stay tune to my blog, Dee Nutrition’s Blog, share this article if you found it interesting.

You have any question? Feel free to ask in the comment below… Thank you and see you next time.
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