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Rabu, 13 Desember 2017

Let’s Eat Three Times a Day, Theo

Three Times a Day Eating Pattern

eat three times a dayEating three times a day is a good eating pattern, it will give us an adequate energy and nutrient for our body (believe me, I know it because I’ve been taught over and over again). As a Nutrition Science Student Graduate, I was being taught about a good eating pattern, and three times eating a day (plus two snacking times in between) is good for our nutrition and our body. Three times a day pattern consists of Breakfast, snack time, Lunch, snack time, and Dinner. The benefit of three times a day eating pattern, as I already said before, is an optimum pattern because it will give us a recommended amount of energy and nutrient throughout the day and get through every activity that we will be going to do in that day. It will also prevent us from craving so much and make us eat too much food.

I Am Having a Problem with My Eating Pattern

I have a problem (like a huge problem right now). In the past two months, it is like I am really lazy to take a breakfast. These days, I usually skip breakfast into lunch, or maybe take a brunch. I am so lazy, to the point that I don’t want to get up from the bed resulting me skip a meal for my breakfast.

Ok, so these past two months (October and November) and until now are really busy months for me. I am intensively studying, exercising and training myself about Grammar, TOEFL, and IELTS. I am also preparing myself for the scholarship that I want to get for my master degree (which has so many documents that I have to prepare correctly.) Another activity that I do is blogging and writing because I am a Blogger. Because of all those things, it makes myself to skip breakfast and destroys my meal time pattern. Until now, it is still so hard for me eating (3) three times a day and always skip my breakfast. There are just so many reasons why I am having a problem with my eating pattern and the first one is my Laziness.

My Laziness Is Really Killing Me

It is really unfortunate for me because, again, my laziness is conquering me over and over again. If my Mother knows about this, then I will the same as dead (so I make this post in English and she will never know about my problem, I am sorry Mother). My Laziness and procrastinating habit are the two things that make me don’t want to go from my room and buy a meal for my breakfast, thus resulting on me skipping my breakfast. It really pains in the A**, because I always lose over my laziness. I am still struggling (like hell) to keep my laziness at bay.

Ok, before you blame my wrong and dangerous habit, let me make some clarification about that so you will know about my condition why I am doing this. It is about my laziness, I always lose over my laziness. When My Laziness Attacks, I will become so lazy up to the point that I don’t want to do anything (like nothing). If I am already so lazy, it is really hard for me to do something, hell sometimes I just stay in my bed and do nothing literally. When I get lazy, I tend to procrastinate myself, do some lazy activity such as playing games, browsing, or watching TV or hell maybe just DO NOTHING. I have been trying to fight my laziness, but there is one problem, I have breathing problem (and a disease) and making me so weak. It makes me don’t have really much energy and gets tired easily. When I was really tired then the laziness will attack me and I just can’t fight it so I do nothing.

I don’t have many options, I have to prepare myself for my TOEFL and IELTS test that will be held on December 2017(or January) and February 2018.  The cost to take the test is really expensive (especially IELTS) and I can’t just get lazy around and come unprepared. I must study harder and more intense, so I must sacrifice myself a bit. I don’t have the luxury to take another test if I failed to get the required TOEFL score and IELTS band because I am not from a rich family. My Mother is a single parent and I am trying as best as I can not make her life much harder because she already has such a hardest life by raising her children (me and my siblings) alone. There are just so many sacrifices that she has done just for us, and for me.

I always feel sorry when I lie to her and keeping a secret from her. I do this because I just don’t want her to worry about me. Oh, my mother is really easy worrying about me. Since I was a kid, I already had a disease that makes me weak, fragile and easily gets sick. Since then, my mother always worrying about me if something happens to me, so I don’t want to tell her about it.  

Oh, and also, Semarang is really an expensive city, I mean if I chose to eat three times a day, it can cost me up to 30k IDR and that is insanely expensive for me (again because I am not rich). I can save almost 10k IDR just by eating 2 (two) times meal a day. Still, I’m so sorry to my mother because I don't want to tell her about it but I will tell her when I get home later (I promise)
So those are the reasons why I have a problem with having a 3(three) times meal a day, whether you want to accept it or not, it is okay, you can blame me but I don’t care. By the way, I made this post as part of my English writing and grammar exercise. Thank You.

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