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Jumat, 08 Desember 2017

I Find The Reason To Believe God Again

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I Find The Reason Again

These past weeks were really like a rollercoaster for me, I had a trouble with my faith. It was like I lost my faith and the reason to believe in Him, to believe The God, Allah SWT. It was really hard for me because, after everything that I have been through, I could not take the burden and find the answer to many of my problems. I was stressing myself so much, it was so depressing for me in November. You can call me crazy or stupid or imbecile, whatever, but the truth is I was really having a problem with trusting God.

If you read my other post before this, then you will know about my problems. All of the problems that I got is really taking a toll on me, I was gone crazy in November. I have so many problems, but my problems were made because of the Disease that God gave me when I was born. The Disease that He gave me made me different and weak, I was not a normal kid back then and because of that, my childhood was not really good. Because of the disease, it makes me have an ASPD (Anti Social Personality Disorder). I know that I should accept everything that He gave me, but it is so hard and it makes me crazy.

I knew that If I did not find or search for a reason to believe Him again, I will become an Atheist and that will be the same as dead for me. I had to find the reason to believe Him again. Then in the Thursday last week, I found a book that helped me to find the reason. I found a book that helped me answering my question, correcting my doubt, and fixing my faith again. I should learn to fully trust Him, praying to Him, and believing that someday, when the time is right, you will get everything that you want. 

What I learned from the book? The Book told me that I should learn about the story of The Messengers. The Messengers never gave up and keep trusting Allah SWT, even though they got so much problem and pain. The Messengers keep believing in God, patient and never give up. I realized that I have to do the same and fully trust Him because when the time is right, as long as I trust him, He will make my wish coming true.

At the End of December 2017, I will become 22 years old. Age of 22 is a crucial step because there will be so much new path and challenge that I will face. It is a starting step into the world of ADULT. Imagining If I was a faithless person makes me crazy because obviously, I will die in pain without a faith. I just have to be patient, keep my pray, work hard and try to solve all of my problems as best as I can. 

Keep Trusting Allah SWT and Be Patient

I find the reason to believe Him again and I should always keep it in my heart. I just have to be patient and do as best as you can to solve my problems. I should not forget to keep praying and try to find your own way to get rid and fix your problem. Because When the time is right, God will make everything become possible, and He will fix me

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