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Jumat, 24 November 2017

Welcome to My Blog : Dee Nutrition's Blog (E)

welcome to dee nutrition

Welcome to My Blog: Dee Nutrition's Blog

Hello, my name is Destio Dwiyan Fahrizki, and you can call me Theo. I am a blogger, and this is my Personal Blog, Dee Nutrition's Blog. Welcome to my Blog. I hope that you can enjoy staying on my blog. In this blog, There are two languages article/post. The purpose of why I made this blog is because I want to improve my writing both in Indonesian Language and English Language.

"I Become a Blogger to Improve my writing"

Dee is my other nickname, Nutrition is my academic background. Dee Nutrition's Blog is my personal blog, so it means that I can write anything that I want on this blog. even though the name of this blog is Nutrition (as you can clearly see that), this blog is a place for me to write about myself, my academic background in writing, my passion in writing and computer, my hobby in TV, Film/Movie and Comic. So don't be fooled by my Blog's name. All in all, the reason why I become a Blogger because I want to improve my writing skill.

When I was doing my research article, I realized that my writing skill was far from good, and that is not good for me. At that time, I got so many stuck when I was writing and finishing my research article. It made me realize that I have to train my writing skill and also my English writing.

As far as I am concerned, I have to improve my writing skill because It is really important for my future. Writing is really important for all of us, especially if I want to continue my academic background then improving my writing skill is a must. In my opinion, there is no way that I can become a great lecturer/teacher in the future if my writing skill is suck or bad. I have to learn more and practice more to improve my writing skill so I can become a great content writer. Blogging helps me to learn, improve and practice my writing skill regularly.

"It is not easy, but I am trying as best as I can to write regularly"

I become a Blogger to improve my writing skill, but also realizing my dream of having my personal Blog because I like writing journal diary and fantasy things since I was a kid. As a Blogger, I have an obligation to always post something on my blog regularly and consistently. Of course, because of that, It made me to writing something in regular time.

There is no short path or shortcut to become a great writer or have a great skill in writing. If we want to be great in writing, then we must learn is as best as we can and as hard as we can. It will take a long time to excel in writing. We must sacrifice our time and energy to improve on writing or on anything that we want to improve.

I hope that you enjoy staying and reading my post/article on my blog. I will keep improving myself to become better and better in writing, and become a great content Writer. Someday I believe that I will get what I want.

If you have any comment, critique or advice, feel free to send it to me because It will help me to improve myself. Thank you very much.


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