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Kamis, 30 November 2017

We Will Never Be Perfect (E)

we never be perfect

"We are not Perfect and will never be" 

We Are Human Who Sometime Will Make a Mistake

I am not perfect, so do you. You are not perfect, we are not perfect, are we? We can never be perfect, no matter how much and how hard we try, there is no way that we can achieve 100% perfection. We are a human who makes a mistake, we are full of mistakes. We are not God. 

We are Human, and we will always be making mistakes no matter what. Perfection is only god God, and of course, you and I are not God, we are Human. You want a perfect outcome, huh? You expect a perfection? Trust me, you will never get it. When your expectation is too high or what you want is a perfection, be ready to receive a big disappointment in the future. I tried that before, and now my life is full of disappointment. I got so much stress, and I depressed myself when I do that. 

"Perfection is only for God"

We are human and human makes a mistake, but God gave us something that we can do when we made a mistake, and that is learning from our mistakes. When we made a mistake, remember one thing, learn something from the mistake that we made. If you made a mistake in your life? That's okay, but don't forget to learn from it and keep improving yourself.

I am not a brave person, and sometimes I will avoid so many things. It is because I am afraid that I will fail or make a mistake. But if I don't take the chance and take the risk, then I will never be improving myself. Right now, I realized that I have to take the risk and it is okay if I make a mistake. I am still not a brave person, but I am trying to be because failure and mistake will make us great if we can learn something from it.

"Try to learn from the mistake and failure that we made"

We can become a great person, but we will never be perfect. We will make a mistake, so many mistakes and failures in the future, but don't forget to learn from it and be better. We can be better if we learn from the mistake and failure that we make.

It is okay to make a mistake, we are a human being with so much flaw

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