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Selasa, 28 November 2017

Searching For Happiness (E)

searching for happiness

I am Searching for Happiness

What is Happiness? What is that thing? How can I get it? Until now, I am still wondering about it and still searching for Happiness. I want to know what Happiness is. Do I happy? Maybe, sometimes I get happy when I see and talk to my family or someone that I love, sometimes I get happy when I doing something that I like, or even sometimes I get happy but I don't know the reason why I am happy. But, behind all of that, I have more problems and burdens that I got in this life. All of those things make me unhappy, and I am having a hard time with that.

"I Don't Know What Happiness Is"

The pain, the burden and the problem that I have is really stressing me out. I think I will become bald in my mid -twenty, and that is not a good thing for me. I realized that if I stay like this and remain unchanged then I will be dead in my thirties because of the stress and depression that I will get because of it. 

I must search the happiness, I have to find it before it's too late for me to find. I should find my own happiness. I can't stay like this and remain unchanged. I can't keep holding the stress and the burden that I got from my problem. 

If I can't find my own happiness then my life will be in peril and I will be dead in the next few years from now. Do I want to die? Of course not, there are just so many things that I want to do and i want to get. There are just so many goals that I have not achieved yet. 

"My Life is Hard so I have to Find the Happiness"

My life is really hard, sometimes I just want to die because of my problem, but I can't give up and I won't give up. There is one thing that I want to do before I die, I want to make my mother happy, and always smile and laugh without any problem. My mother is everything to me and I can't give up yet, not until I give everything that I got.

I hope that God will answer my questions and my prayer. I still have so many things that I don't know. Why he gives me so many problems, why he gave me so many diseases that can not be cured, I really want an answer from God.

"I am Still Searching For my Own Happiness"

I have to find my own happiness because it is the thing that can make me get through every problem, stress, and burden that I got. I will not give up myself until I find it, I will do everything and anything to get my own happiness. Let the journey begin.

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