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Kamis, 16 November 2017

IELTS Writing Section 1 Exercise Day 3: Bar Graph

In the day 3, I will be going to post my IELTS writing exercise on my blog, feel free to give a comment, critique or advice. It will be really helping me in my IELTS training especially in writing. If you feel that my grammar is still bad, please let me know. Thank you.

In Writing Section 1, I have to make a writing about describing a graph/chart/table with a minimum of 150 words per writing. I should spend about 20 minutes on this task/exercise. So, let’s start shall we, the bar graph is about Annual coffee and meat consumption in 7 countries.

Annual Coffee and Meat Consumption in 7 Countries

The graph compares the amounts of coffee and meat that is consumed every day in 7 countries, that is Norway, France, Germany, United States of America (USA), Russia, China, and Japan. The country that has the most/largest/highest rate of meat consumption is the USA whereas the country that has the most/largest/highest rate of coffee consumption is in Norway.

It can be clearly seen/it can be seen from the graph/according to the graph/based on the graph that the lowest rates of coffee consumption are recorded in Japan and China (about 3kg and 2kg per person in that country). The next three countries have higher rates of coffee consumption, consumption of coffee in the USA totals 4 kg, Russia, and France respectively have the same rates with 5 kg per person. The highest coffee consumption from the seven countries that are in the graph is Norway with 9 kg per person, the second highest rate is Germany with 7 kg per person.  

Meat consumption number were much higher than coffee consumption in all countries. The largest/highest/peak value/ meat consumption rates are in USA with 122 kg per person whereas the lowest rates are in Japan with 42 kg per person with the difference between both countries are almost triple. Russia has slightly/a slight/a little higher/increase meat consumption than Japan with 45 kg per person in Russia and 47 kg per person in China, the difference between the lowest rates country is just 3 and 5 kg. Three other countries have much higher meat consumption rates. The rates of meat consumption in Norway is 60 kg per person almost as half much as the USA. Different from Norway, France and Germany have rates that higher than the half rates of USA meat consumption rates where France is about 72 kg per person and Germany with 80 kg per person which consumes about twice as much as Japan.

In conclusion, the report shows that Asian group of countries has similar consumption numbers of both coffee and meat. 

So that’s it, please let me know if there’s some bad grammar in there. I really appreciate your comment, critique, and advice that you can give to me. Thank you and see you next time.



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