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Kamis, 16 November 2017

Dee's Review: Justice League Movie (2017) (E)

I’m a fan of DC Comics, I love DC since I was a kid and until now I always read the latest DC comics every week (especially in Rebirth era). The very first superhero that I knew back then when I was a kid was Batman. Batman was the first superhero that I know, that’s the very first reason why I know DC Comics and love it.  I watched Batman the Animated series and it’s so awesome back then. After I know Batman then I was trying to know the rest of DC Comic’s Superheroes, I knew Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Justice League. Batman the animated series is my first dc comics animation that I watched and after that, I began to watch Superman, All-Star Superman, and Justice League Unlimited. So now you know why I love DC Comics.

(This review is based on my opinion, so it’s very subjective. I’m sorry if it’s offending, but this is my honest opinion about the movie. I’m trying as best as I can not to give you the spoilers)

The Bad  

Today (I make this post on November 15th) I went to the theater to watch Live Action Justice League Movie. I mean, this is it, this is the moment that I have been waiting for since a long time ago. I must watch Justice League Movie at Cinema/Theater. In Indonesia, Justice League begins to play in all theater on November 15th, 2017. I had so many expectations because I read so many articles about Justice League and rumors about the movie. I read articles and built my expectations to become bigger and bigger. It turns out after I watched the movie, I feel disappointed. It’s not good and it’s not what I expected.

"I have so many expectations with Justice League Movie, and It's far from my expectations"

Justice League movie is beyond my expectations, It’s very far away from it. The Ending is really anticlimax, when the final battle was done, I thought “What the hell? Is the battle just end like that? Oh, come on DC and WB.” Here is the list that I feel really disappointed: 1) The Story and the narrative, the story is jumping quite randomly from scene to scene. It was like Suicide Squad but It much better. The narrative is quite okay but there’s a part that I don’t like because it’s too long or away from the main point, 2) There's still some rough CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), I’m a bit shocked with it, I read that the budget for this film is 300 million dollars, but how the hell that there’s some scene with CGI background seems rough and you can see the roughness. I thought it will be so smooth and there will be no roughness in the movie because of the big budget. I guess I’m wrong. 3)Weak and forgetful Villain, until now I still don’t get the memorable villain from watching DCEU Films, come on DC, please make a really strong impression of villain that will give the audience some good memories after watching the film.

The Good

There are some good moments here, if you read about another review then you know that Justice League is about the team. It’s really about the team and you will know about the members of Justice League one by one. If you always watch the trailer, you will know about the rest of the story when you watch the movie. It’s a fun movie and filled with hope, not too dark and grim like other DCEU films (before Wonder Women) and The Flash season 3 (haha).

Wonder Woman and The Flash stole the show in this movie. If you like Wonder Woman in her standalone movie, then this movie will also give you that. There’s some repetitive action or fight sequence but as long as I can see Wonder Woman beautiful face, it’s will be paid off. You also will gonna like Barry Allen aka The Flash. He’s funny and clumsy but still wants to join the team (because he’s lonely and needs friends.). You will also be going to know about Superman’s fate in this Film. So, if you really want to know about the detail of my opinions up there. I advise you to watch it now at the Theater. Come on and watch the movie.

I Feel Disappointed

I still feel disappointed, why I’m feeling disappointed and upset? okay, so I live in Indonesia, it’s not cheap to go to the theater and watch the film in there. You must spend so much many just for the film/movie and food/snack that will accompany you when you watch the film/movie. I don’t like to go to Theater because it’s so expensive just to watch a movie and I’m not a rich person or coming from a rich family.  I chose to watch and go to the theater because it’s the movie that I have been waiting for and I’m DC fans. I spent 60k IDR just for the sake of this movie, but after I watched it, I feel disappointed because there’re many flaws and problem in Justice League. I could use 60k IDR for buying a meal for 3 days and now it’s gone.  

If you don’t like about my opinion, I’m sorry if we have a different perspective. Just watch the movie. There are still some good moments in Justice League movie and I hope that you will be going to watch it too as DC fans. I always hope that DC extended universe is getting better and better, especially in the story and narratives. Please DC, correct this and learn from the mistake that you got from it, I really – really hope that DCEU (DC Extended Universe) is going to be great. I will relieve my disappointment by reading DC comic or watching DC animated series or watching DC live action tv series. Oh and also I will wait for the CWDC tv series crossover at the end of this month, I hope it will become a great crossover event, please….

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