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Minggu, 08 Oktober 2017

Writing Is (Part) Of My Life (E)

I like writing, I do. I always wri­te something in daily basis. I have a daily journal or diary about my life events or problems, a dream book to remember my dream so I can train myself to lucid dreaming, a research log books for my thesis research, and my blog to write as freely as I can (and oh I also have my own fantasy book to write about my fantasy). There are just so many things that I write, it feels like my daily life is full of writing on something.

I like writing, writing makes me feel calm. I like to write, because I can write everything that I want, without any limitation. Since I was kids I have a problem to communicating or telling someone directly about my feelings or my problems, it because I can get easily nervous or I’m afraid that I will do something wrong. So to control my problem or my burst emotion, I will going to write on my diary or my book.

Writing and My Fantasy

I like to fantasize something, well it is because since I was a kid, TV and computer are my best friends. I’m not a normal kid when I was born, I had a disease that makes me feel different from other kids. I was easily get bullied by other kids because of that I spent the after school by watching tv or playing computer. My favorite ? of course it’s Anime and cartoon series. I watched Digimon, Pokemon, Doraemon, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Detective Conan. Batman, Justice League, Scooby Doo and other series from early 2000.

 I like to fantasize become a character based on the TV series that I watched, like I want to have my own Digimon or Pokemon and going on an adventure, having my own Zanpakuto sword/soul taker sword and slaying evil an evil soul, or imagining myself become batman or make my own superhero with unique powers. Until now, if I watch anime, cartoon, tv series or film sometimes I will fantasizing myself in a scenario where I’m a character in one of those. I will write my own hero story and make a more detailed scenario with writing so my fantasy will much better.

Writing Makes Me Focus and Stay ‘Busy’

Writing is also a way for me to train my focus and make myself busy. When I didn’t  write, my mind will begin to wonder and fantasizing about something and it’s random, so I need to make myself focys and writing helps me focus on something specific. I also have a trouble in breathing, I can get easily feeling sleepy if I don’t have anything to do. I can get easily bored and I tend to procrastinate myself  or sleeping when I get bored, I don’t want to do that because it will waste my time so much. Writing  can make myself busy and stay focus about something that I write.

Writing also helps me on fighting my addiction, I have an addiction on playing games and watching TV or films, sometimes I can do those and wasting all my times by doing those all day. I don’t want to waste my time, time is precious and I don’t want to regret it in the future. When I write, I can channel my time not to play games or watch TV/films instead I will focus on writing something.

Me, Blogging and Writing

I become a blogger because I like writing something and it makes other people know about me. My vision is I want to make my own personal brand and make it or make me famous (well it will take a long time to be famous though… Haha) I like to write because I want to become some kind of Wordsmith. I’m having a difficulty on choosing or making a good sentence and paragraph and I can improve my writing skill with blogging because when I make an article or posting something we must have a good quality of the article so people will going to like my post and will come back for another one in my blog.

Become a blogger and writer can relieve my stress and depression. I mean when we make an article to attract visitors to our blog we must make a content that makes visitor tend to do something positive. Before I write some positive article, I do have to read or research about the topic. When I get stress about something, sometimes I will read a tips about how to calm myself and reducing the stress and after that I will write it into an article so I will not going to forget it.  

Writing a Research Journal Is So hard When You Don’t Practice Writing Regularly

The reason of why I keep continue to write because of my research journal. I feel like I still have a bad writing skill when I made and completing my research journal back then. Writing a research proposal and journal are really hard, it’s like you must become a Word-smith to make a rhythmic paragraph that will link one paragraph to another. When I was doing my thesis and finishing my research journal, I feel like I’m so stupid and It was really hard for me because I have a problem to connecting from one paragraph to the next paragraph. Writing some kind of introduction sentence to bridge to the next paragraph was never easy for me, even until now I’m still struggling so hard to make it. With Blogging, you will have to post a regular and consistent articles. By making a regular and consistent article that means I also have to write, and  also improve my English skill when I write an English Article. I think it’s a nice and good activity to train my writing and English skill.

So that’s it, I like to write since I was kid and until now I still do it in my daily routine. One of my wish ? I wish I can become some kind of Wordsmith, and I can write better  without any problem. I will keep writing until I become a better Writer and be a great Content Writer, So I hope I will never stop to improve myself. How about you ? do you like writing something ? Is writing also part of your life ? You can comment on the box below

Do you find my grammar is still bad ? You can critique or give an advice to me because I really appreciate it. It helps me improving myself because I know what’s wrong with my English Article. I will never stop to write in English because it’s part of my training to improve my English Skill especially in grammar.

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