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Sabtu, 28 Oktober 2017

Why Can’t I Exercise Myself Regularly? (E)

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Why Can’t I Exercise Myself Regularly?

"Exercise regularly is so hard when you're so lazy" 

How many are you who exercise regularly? Are you having a hard time to get active and exercise regularly? that also goes for me too. I mean, isn’t it really hard to do exercising regularly? especially when you are on holiday, it’s so damn hard. I’m still having a hard time to exercise myself regularly because of my laziness. Hell, my laziness and procrastination are my big obstacle when I want to do something good or to improve myself and exercise is one of the things that is so hard to do when you’re so lazy and procrastinate yourself

It’s a long holiday for me because this year I finally have done with my degree, I will become a nutrition science graduate in November. Why I said this time is a long holiday for me? because I right now, I’m mostly doing nothing, and that is not a good thing for me. Doing nothing means It will make me less activity and will make me tend to procrastinate myself. I’m a great procrastinator, and when I do procrastinate myself, I can do it all the time. When I procrastinate myself, there is one major problem that I will get, I will also become lazier and will make me don’t want to exercise and physically active. That’s a huge problem for me.

"Holiday means high laziness, it makes exercise regularly become harder to do"

When you do not exercise yourself regularly, there just so many bad things that will be going to happen to our/my body. For me it can make myself get central obesity faster, my waist circumference will be much bigger, it makes my blood pressure unstable and become higher, I can get stress easily, and much more. There just so many good benefits for us when I exercise myself regularly, especially on releasing my stress, it works, but my laziness and procrastinating are blocking me from doing an exercise.

Until now, I’m still fighting and struggling with my laziness and procrastination. Because those things are bad for me, I know it but those things have a really big force that sometimes it makes me don’t want to exercise or doing an improving thing for myself. Laziness is really hard to beat if you/I don’t have a good strategy to win over laziness because the nature of laziness is it is easy to get lazy than to physically active.

I hate when I get lazy and procrastinate myself, I hate myself when I can’t exercise myself regularly. My exercise routine that I do right now is just push up and sit up 50 times a day, but that’s not enough, that’s still far away from getting the right amount of time to exercise regularly. The recommendation of time to exercise is 60 minutes a day minimum with low to medium intensity, or 2.5 hours a week.

"It needs high effort to kill your laziness and do exercising"

I do really want to change myself and strategize a plan to make sure I can stay away from getting lazy and procrastinating myself up, I will encourage and enlighten myself too because, in the end, I need exercise, we all need to exercise myself if we want to stay healthy. Now, I’m also getting fat, there are just so many belly fats in my abdomen and I should do something before I get Central Obesity. If you already have hypertension and you got Central Obesity, that’s very likely that you will develop a stroke or cardiac problem in the future. I don’t want to die fast, I don’t want to die like my father, I don’t want to die before I can make my mother happy. I must stay alive, and to do that I must exercise myself regularly.

There’s no way that we can get healthy without exercise (plus healthy eating). We must have a good lifestyle and good eating pattern so we can stay healthy and stay away from bad diseases that can kill us, kill me, or kill you. Exercise is a must for all of us if you want to live longer, we must exercise ourselves regularly and consistency to make sure us to stay physically active and healthy.

The urge to get lazy is really high and tempting, if you can’t handle and control it then you will be going to lose the war with your laziness. You will succumb to your laziness and make yourself getting lazier and more procrastinate yourself than ever. You must train yourself to control the urge and temptation of being lazy. I know it’s hard, but there is no easy way to beat your laziness, it comes with a hard way to beat laziness.

I don’t want to get so many stress, I want to decrease my stress level and exercising myself will be going to help me to do it. When I really lazy and procrastinate myself, I tend to get stress so easily, besides exercise regularly can help us to decrease our stress level. I can get stress easily, I already know that exercise myself regularly will going to decrease my stress level. I already proved it back then in the third year of my college life. It is like when you/I exercise regularly, I can feel much lighter without so much stress. I want to feel that again

So that’s it, for now, I’m still struggling to exercise myself regularly? because it’s hard not to get lazy and procrastinate myself, but still I will always try to improve myself and make a strategy to combat my laziness and procrastination. I hope that at the of the next month, I can exercise myself regularly and become a much healthy and happy person. I want to stay alive and live longer to make the one that I really care about happy and proud of me.

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