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Minggu, 22 Oktober 2017

What Is Your Deepest Darkest Secret ? (E)

What is your secret ? Do you have a secret that you keep and don’t want to tell to someone ? or maybe you’re an open book person that doesn’t have any secrets ? Everyone has their own secrets and their own action to handle it. Secret is a story that you can’t tell to anyone. Secret is secret.

“Everyone has their own secrets”

What about me ? Well, Honestly I’m a man with so many secrets, there just so many secrets that I keep inside myself. Those secrets are stories. The stories that I want to tell but I can’t tell. If I tell it, It’s not a secret right ? Every choice that I chose made me become who I am today, every secret that I keep is affecting my daily life, It’s affecting how I choose something, how I handle something, how I must react on something and how I do something. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it becomes much more complex and tricky. 

“Secret is secret, secret is something that you don’t want other people to know about it”

Secret is secret. Everyone has their own secrets that they don’t want to tell. Do you have any secrets ? what is your deepest darkest secret ? do you want to tell ? Of course not, there is no way you will or you can tell your secrets to anyone so easily. There are just so many circumstances and complex thinking that make you want or don’t want to tell your secrets, because it’s secret remember ? secret is secret. 

“Keeping secrets is burdening, and you must endure it as long as you can”

Keeping secret is burdening. Especially if you have so many secrets, so many darkest deepest secrets that you keep inside you. There are just so many burdens that you got from keeping the secrets just by yourself. It’s like a ticking time bomb and the timer is your strength to control or handle the urge. If you can control the urge, you can keep your secrets as long as you can, but if you can’t you’ll choose to tell your secrets or maybe choose to die with it.

“Keeping secret is dangerous, It can kill you”

Keeping dark secrets are dangerous, if you can’t take the burden, if you can’t handle it, it can kill you. It will kill you bit by bit, destroying your mental condition and sometimes your physical condition. It can make you depressed if you can’t find a way to handle the burden. You must have the strength to keep yourself alive and sane. It will never be easy to keeping a dark secret, and if you want to stay alive and choose to keep it, then you must take the consequences and hold the burden that you will going to get.

You must endure it as best as you can, as hard as you can. You just can’t give up because of the burden that you will going to get from keeping your secrets. You will need a huge strength to keep and handle the burden that you got from keeping the secret of yours. You must stay strong, or else you can get crazy or depressed or you can take a suicide if you can’t handle the burden.
Secret is a story. A story that you want to tell but you can’t because there will be a big consequences if you tell the story to anyone. Secret is a story that you want to tell but you can’t tell. Secret is a dark story,  a story that so complex, so dark and so hard to digest. It’s a shocking story that will make anyone will so shock and agazed because of it.   

“Telling and Sharing your secrets is Dangerous too”

Telling dark secrets to someone is also dangerous. It will affect yourself, but also affect someone who you told your dark secrets. It also dangerous because if the people that you told your secret can’t keep it, then get ready to face the consequence and being exposed. Sometimes there are people who can withstand your dark secret, but sometimes they can’t. so be careful if you want to tell your dark secrets to someone. You must so sure if you want to tell and share your dark secrets to someone. ask you these question, “do you trust him/her?” “do you think she/he can keep your secret?” “are you sure she/he can handle the burden that she/he got?” If the answer is yes, then you can tell your secrets to her/him.

Choose someone that you really trust, choose someone who knows you very well, choose someone who also strong enough to take the burden that she/he got if they know your secret. Choose it carefully and think about it thoroughly, because if you want to keep your secret still become a secret, you will going to need that.

Keeping secrets is dangerous, you just can’t tell to other people about your secrets. You must have a huge strength to endure the burden that you got from keeping your secrets. There is no easy way when you choose to keep your secret. If keeping secrets is easy and not so burdening, everyone can easily do that without any problem or stress, but the truth is not like that. When you are keeping secrets, you already accept to face the consequence of your action, and it’s not a good thing because secret is secret, it’s so dangerous if you have a secret. You must be careful with your secrets, don’t keep your guard down, no matter what.

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