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Minggu, 29 Oktober 2017

The Cursed Child and The Darkness (E)

If you read this, then I’m no longer in a normal state. I’m embarking on a dangerous mission that can consume my life, a lifetime quest to conquering The Darkness once and for all. It’s all or nothing, I have nothing to lose, I have nothing to fear, I have to beat The Darkness or it will consume me and I’ll become evil forever. There is only one way to make it over, kill or be killed. My Name is Dexter “Theo” Thunder, and this is my story. The story of the Cursed Child who must keep and retain his sanity to fight in an Endless War with The Darkness.

This is my story, the story of a cursed child who must keep and retain his sanity from being consumed by The Darkness. My name Is Dexter, I’m The Cursed Child, that’s my nickname, the nickname that I got since I was born. I don’t know why God gave this curse to me, I hope that one day I can find the answer because after all, this is the reason why I choose to live, why I choose this path to fight The Darkness.

I have a curse that makes me become so close with The Darkness, a Cursed that gives you your own Darkness since you were born. Because I have a Darkness within myself since I was born, now Imagine if you have the cursed that linked you with The Darkness, a cursed that will make you crazy or kill yourself if you can’t hold it. You already have your own Darkness inside of your body

Do you think it’s easy to fight the Darkness? That’s so damn hard you know? I’m struggling myself from The Darkness until now, I don’t want to succumb to The Darkness and become an Evil. I must keep and retain my sanity so I will never lose to The Darkness and fall into its prey and become an Evil. It’s better  I choose to die than to live but as an Evil. It’s so hard for me and I know it’s never going to be easy.

I already know that some of us struggling to fight the Darkness, some of us lose and choose to die, some of us live but succumb to the Darkness and become Evil. Me? I don’t know, I still have some faith in God that one day He will give an answer to my eternal question about why I got this cursed. I choose to live even though I’m still struggling to keep myself from being consumed by The Darkness and try not to die in the process.

The Darkness will never leave you, everyone knows about this. Everyone who struggles to keep the Darkness at bay knows that It’s torturing themselves from inside out. You can’t keep your guard down because when you lowering your guard down, even for a bit, The Darkness will take the chance and force to take over your body and thought in a glimpse of the eye. Fighting the Darkness is really hard and painful, there is no easy way to fight the Darkness, there is also no way to kill the Darkness. The Darkness is an entity that will always live until the end of the time comes to us.

The Darkness has so many tricks to grasp you and make you suffer. When you trying as best as you can to keep away from the Darkness, it will send The Dark Whisper through your ears that are so deep and torturing, sometimes with tricky pleasure thoughts that will be going to crush your defense or guard so The Darkness can take over you and hurt you.

There is always a risk when you’re fighting The Darkness because if you can’t hold the Dark Whisper that being sent by The Darkness, you’ll succumb to the Darkness and you’ll realize that it’s too late to get back and undo everything. There are only two choices left and only one choice that you can take, Die or Live as an Evil person. That’s how the Darkness attacking you. Me? I’m making my own choice by keeping Fighting the Darkness.

If you already know how the Darkness, then you’ll going to know how much I’m struggling, staying alive, keep myself sane and not fall to the Darkness Itself. There are just so many battles that I did with The Darkness; Sometimes I win sometimes I lose. I already lost so many times to the Darkness but I choose to live and keep fighting It.

My state right now, I almost lost to the Darkness and I’m afraid that I will have to choose between die or stay alive but become an evil person. The only thing that keeps me sane right now is my mother and my faith in God. They said that I have to increase my faith to God. It’s hard for me, He’s the one who gave me the disease “Dark Stigma” and having this cursed life, endlessly battling with the Darkness until now. I still blame Him for everything that happens to me, because He’s the reason I got all of this from the very start. I don’t know what should I do, I want to trust Him and increasing my faith to Him, but it’s taking a longtime process and I don’t know if I have much time before the Darkness consume me or I become a crazy person or I succumb and choose to die.

My childhood memories were sucked.  As a boy who already has a cursed since you’re born, you got so many bad things towards you. Being bullied, picked up and played by the other kids. It’s never easy to have those painful memories in your mind because there are just so many bad and harsh things that you will get, but you can’t do anything because you’re different, I’m different, I’m not ‘Normal’.

Sometimes I blame God for this curse, I always ask why He gave this curse to me. Why He gave me a really damn harsh road for me to live. It’s not fair for me, it will never be. I always asking and waiting for an answer. Until now, I choose to live and waiting for His answer so that I can keep myself sane and Fighting the Darkness until I die.

This is my story, a story about an Endless Battle with The Darkness until I die. I must stay alive and try to find the long live answer that I search for my entire life. I will never give up, not until I get the answer and I will never lose to the Darkness.



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