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Senin, 30 Oktober 2017

Learning, Learning and Keep Learning (E)

keep learning

Learning is an inevitable thing in our life, if we want to become successful then we must be learning so many things. If we want to get something and make our dream comes true then we need to keep learning. Without learning, we cannot do anything in our life, there just so many things that we can’t do without learning, there’s no way we will going to know something if we aren’t learning 

Learning is a process. From Wikipedia, Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences. Evidence that learning has occurred may be seen in changes in behavior from simple to complex, from moving a finger to skill in synthesizing information or a change in attitude

Learning is a long process. We just can’t become smart at something in the glimpse of the eye. There is just so many time that we must invest to learn something. It’s a long road when we’re learning something. It’s not a short road, it’s a long road, a very long road that will be going to make us become great at something.

Learning is never going to be easy, there are just so many things that will make us suffer. Learning is so hard if we want to become great at something. There will be so many obstacles and challenges that make Learning becomes so hard to do, but if we can get through of those obstacles and challenges? believe me, you’ll get what you want and become great at it.

Learning is a lifetime process, we will always be learning something until we die.  Human learning begins since we were born and continues until death as a consequence of ongoing interactions between person and environment. We learn something since we were born until we die later, there is nothing that can stop us from learning if we really want to do it. We will be going to learn so many things in our life, there will be dozens of things that we know and we learn about something.

Learning can make us become a great person because learning will take us to become great at many things.  Great persons can become great because they have so many skill, knowledge, and things. And of course, a great person can get all of that from learning. So, learning is important for all of us if we want to become a great person.

We need learning if we want to become a great person and make our dream come true. There is no way that we can become a great person and achieve our dream if we aren’t learning anything. Learning is the key to success and can make your dream comes true. You can become anything that you want if you keep learning.

We must never give up at something, we need to keep learning until we become great at it.  I know that there are so many obstacles and challenges that will be going to try to stop us from learning, but if we can fight it and get through of those things, there will be nothing that can stop us to learn anything that we want. We must have a faith in ourselves when we want to learn something, believe that we can get through anything and everything to become a great person that we always want to get.
So that’s it, learning is very important for us, don’t stop learning until we die. Just keep learning and learning something new. Just keep learning until you become a great person with so many great skill and talents that you got from learning things.

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