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Kamis, 26 Oktober 2017

Just Do it and Start Writing (E)

just start writing

Writing? Have you ever wondering why you suck when you writing something ? you just can’t make a really good paragraph, you stuck so many times and that makes you stop writing? It’s like what you write is always bad and lack something. I know, I’ve been there and sometimes I get stuck too, but there is only one thing that always remembers me not to stop writing. Just do it and keep writing until it’s done.

I know some of you don’t like writing, but we need writing. Writing is just like something that we need and already become part of our life without we even realize. We’re writing a note in class or meeting, writing a work or homework, writing a report, writing a thesis or journal article, writing a story and so much more. We just don’t realize that we always writing.

Just do it and start writing, your writing will never be perfect. It can be great but never be perfect. Don’t be a perfectionist. There just so many great authors around the world that told us to just start writing and don’t be a perfectionist because we are human, we aren’t perfect, we are not God, we are not flawless. So that means everything that you write is never going to be perfect.

If you stuck so many times, it’s not because you suck at writing, it’s because you aren't trained and exercise your writing skill regularly. Try to write something regularly and consistency, it can help you strengthen your writing skill. for me, I made a personal blog to make myself keep writing, and until now it’s work. I mean, if you want to have a really good blog and traffic you must post an article or post regularly and consistently. Right now, I always posting an article once per day, and that makes me exercise my writing skill regularly.

To minimalize from getting stuck, you must practice writing regularly and do pre-writing often and consistency so you can improve yourself when you’re writing something. Challenge yourself to write something in a daily basis, you have so much time. You got 24 hours every day, or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds a day, that is a huge amount of time that we got from God every single day. So train your writing skill every day and become a great writer.

Writing is not that bad, just do it and keep writing, there’s no way that your writing will be good on the first try ? except your some kind of writing genius or prodigy, you must excel your writing skill with practice. There is no way that we can be great in short amount of time. If we want to be great at writing we must exercise and practice also don’t give up until we can become a great writer.

The road will never go to be easy, there are just so many obstacles that can make you stop writing. Be careful when you’re stuck so many times, it can make you stop writing and tend to procrastinate yourself. I have been there, but right now I just keep writing and writing without thinking about being good or bad about it, if I get stuck I will take a break for a few minutes to try to get an inspiration by reading a related article about my writing topic, reading a book or watching 5 minutes youtube video to refresh myself and after that I get an Idea again about what I want to write.

Stuck because you don’t know what you want to write? I think that is a bullshit. There are just so many ideas that you can get if you realize it. I can get Idea of writing when I read something, I can get Idea from doing something, I can get Idea from wandering about something. There are just so many activities that can get us an idea to write, we just have to search it thoroughly and trust me you’ll find it.

So that’s it, Writing is a process, if you want to become a great writer then you must exercise and practice yourself regularly, challenge yourself to write something regularly so you can improve your writing skill. Don’t be such a perfectionist, because we can’t be perfect, just write anything that you like and write anything that you want and without you even realize you already become someone who great at writing something.

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