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Sabtu, 07 Oktober 2017

I'm Sorry If My English Writing is Bad, I Promise to Keep Learning (E)

There are so many learning definition. In general, Learning is a process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something. Learning is a process which we do to excel something that we aren’t good at or we don’t know about. We learn to improve ourselves, we learn to get some new skill, we learn to know something that we don’t know at first. Of course, the first time is suck and bad, no way everyone can excel at something just within a flick of the hand or by night they already become great at it. No, it’s not, it’s a long and consistent and exhausting process. We also have to be serious if we want to learn something so we can improve much faster, focus and discipline are also needed when we learn something.

“Learning is a longtime process, you can’t excel something just with a flick of a hand”

There are three main reasons why I’m blogging. First, since the very first time, I always like to write. I like writing more than I like to speak, speak is really hard (well because I haven’t learned it seriously and I still can’t control my nervousness), because of that I tend to choose to write than I choose to learn. Second is because I want to share my ideas and excel what I’m good at it, I like computer and gadget related stuff but I’m also can fix stuff too, if there’s any problem with PC of my friends or relative, they tend to call me to fix it. So I want to help with using this blog by making a computer and gadget tips or solution. Ok, right now is the last one, you already know from the title. The last one, is I want to improve my English skill and learning about English Grammar seriously. And that’s the main problem that I want to tell you right now in this article.

First, I must or I should apologize to you because if you read my English article, I’m Sorry for my Bad English. I’m sorry if there are so many grammar errors inside of my article, I’m still learning to write something in English without getting stuck so many times. It’s really hard to write in English, especially if you forget about the Grammar, you will be Doomed. The problem right now for me is not vocabulary, I’m good at vocabulary, but when it comes to grammar it’s like I can’t get into it or maybe I’m still so lazy to learn it seriously. I’m a scrabble Player, I like a scrabble, I was a Champion of Scrabble in National Championship back then in 2012, so vocabulary is not a big deal for me. Grammar is always my Achilles Heel because sometimes It’s go to forget the basic if you do not practice it regularly. So because I acknowledge my weakness, there only one thing that I have to do, start to learn English Grammar from the very basic thing.

“ We Need to work really hard and smart to learn something so the results is much better”    

There are just so many things that I already do to improve my English skill whether it is writing or speaking. Here are the things that I do to Improve my English Skill :

1.    Listening & Watching English Music and TV or Films with English Subtitle

This is the first thing that I do to learn and improve my English. Since I was a kid, I always like to watch TV or movies, especially if there’s some box office movies TV. Right now I watch TV and Films to improve my English writing, listening and speaking. Maybe until now, there are already thousand of tv series episode and hundreds of film that I already watch, of course with an English Subtitle. Listening or watching music and tv are helping me to listen when someone speaks in English or helping me write better because of the subtitle of the tv/film, or helping me on speaking in English. Music, TV, and Films are the first things that I do to learn English since I was a kid, (the second one is Scrabble of course). Why I still use this method? well listening to music or watching tv/films is fun, and I want to learn something without getting bored (because you already know I’m really easy to get bored and I can’t focus or concentrate if the learning is boring(plus because of the ADHD that I have it will double the problem.)

“ Watching TV or Films or Listening to Music is fun for a place to learn English”

2.    Reading an English Book/Novel/Magazine/Article/Wiki/Journal

I began to read an English Novel and Wiki when I was in junior high school, at that time the first English book that I read is Narnia Chronicles, Percy Jackson. I read those books because those books are easy to understand, even 5 years old native can read the book because it’s children books and besides that, it’s about fantasy and mythology. I began to read English Books, Magazine, and Article in Senior High School. Until now, I prefer to read an English Article than Indonesian because English News and article are being posted much faster the Indonesian one. Besides that, there’s no or barely Indonesian News/Articles about my interests like TV shows, Comic, Cartoon, Manga or Anime that I can read in Indonesian Article 

3.    Practice with the help of the Grammar Book & Mnemonic Strategy

This is the next thing that I do to learn about grammar and improving my English Language skill. I have to learn the from the basic to try to understand and to improve my English writing. I have to learn and memorize all of the theory and practice it by making a simple sentence or paragraph from the section that I learned from the book. Practice, practice and practice, that is the key if we want to memorize the Grammar. The next thing that I have to do is trying to memorize everything that I learned. I’m using a Mnemonic memory technique to try to remember something much faster, It always works for me.

4.    Practice with making an English Post/Article

This is exactly what I’m doing right now, I can make an English Article about something that I want to make, well mostly it’s about myself, my problem or my blog’s life. I also can make an English Article from the data or the information that I got from No.1 and No. 2 then I can write it and also practicing what I learned when I read and study a Grammar Book. That’s a really good plan. If there are still so many grammar errors inside of my English Article, I’m sorry. I mean it, I will going to improve. I will keep up to improve my grammar. You can check my other English Article here (Click Here).

5.    Using a Grammar Checker to Check my English Article

This is the last thing that I do to try to check my English grammar, is the grammar in the article is already correct, or there are a bunch of paragraph or words that I need to fix. There are so many grammar checkers online on the Internet, but I use Grammarly. It has a nice and clean interface and it’s really helpful for helping me on making an English Article and grammar correction. You can check Grammarly website. It’s easy to understand how it works, how to fix the error and there’s also some explanation why it is an error.  

So, that’s what I’m trying to do until now and until I can become better at making an English Article, I will keep improving myself until I can get better and better. And as you already know about it my friend, I’m so sorry for my Bad English. I will never stop to make an English Article and I will never stop to learn. Learning is a long process that must do if we want to excel something, there are so many obstacles of course, but if we focus, discipline, consistent and never give up, we can destroy every obstacle that stands in our way when learning something. 

So how about you ? Are you also having a problem with English Grammar? Are your grammar is also bad? or maybe you’re much better than me? That’s okay, feel free to give a comment if you think there’s some paragraph that I need to fix on this article in the comment box below. Your critique and advice are really helping me to improve my Grammar and English. I do really hope you can give me a critique or advice. Thank you very much.

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