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Selasa, 31 Oktober 2017

I Will Always Love My Mother (E)

I love my mother

I always want to make an article or a post about my mother, because she’s very important to me, well, (every mother in the world is very important to us, right?) My mother is everything, I will be going to do my best to become a great and successful person so I can make my mother happy and be proud of me. I want to end her suffering and make her smile and laugh even more. Because I don’t want to lose her forever, not until I make her really happy.

Every mother is a Guardian Angel to her children. Mother is always helping us and take care of us in many things. My Mother is always there for me, I’m not a normal kid back then, I had a disease since I was born that made me so fragile and weak. I had an immune problem that makes me easily get sick, but my mother & my father keep holding and protecting me until I become a grown-up person. Even until my father passed away and I become an adult, she’s still worried about my condition. I know that I still so easy to get sick, but that’s because since I was a kid I have a low immunity system. I know about my condition and to keep myself a bit healthy and live longer and also make my mother less worried about me, I must practice and try to live a healthy life.

She’s already suffering so much, back then when I was a kid, I was a crybaby and weak kid because of my diseases. I was always asking for her help in things that I can’t do. She’s sometimes mad at me, but she never stops to love me. I know how hard it is for her to have a kid like me.

My mother just gets 52nd years old this year, she’s already more than half decade. She’s getting old but she’s still doing most of the household work by herself, most of the time. Sometimes I just can’t see her doing all of those things knowing that she’s getting old and easily get tired. I don’t want her to get sick, I don’t want anything to happen to my mother.

A long time ago, I really lazy to do any household works. I tend to avoid all of it and don’t want to do any of it. But then I realized that my mother is suffering so many things, if you let her do any household work by herself and you aren’t helping, it means that I let her suffer. I don’t want to do that after my father passed away, there is a promise I remembered that I must make my mother much happier. So then after that, I keep trying to do some of the household work like dishwashing, broom the floor, sometimes I laundry my own clothes and take my mother to school by motorcycle.

My mother is everything to me, she’s my light, she’s my hope, she’s my willpower. I will do everything for her. I want to make her happy. All this time, she’s suffering so many things but she keeps enduring it. I must study and work harder so I can repay everything that she already gives to me and my siblings. There is no way that I can get lazy when I know what she’s been through for me.
I am so very grateful that I have her. My mother is so strong, she can raise her three children by herself. When my father passed away, she chose to become a single parent, raising her own kids by herself until her children become a grown-up person and can get a degree and can get a work. My mother is sacrificing so many things just for me and for my siblings, she chose to endure the pain that she has until now just for the sake of her children.

I don’t want to make my mother keep suffering because of me, I must do everything with all might to become a successful person and make my mother happy and be proud of me. I also have to be strong too, I don’t want to become a weak person even though I know that I have so many illness and diseases. I’ll keep enduring myself with everything that I have, the very same thing that she already has done until now.

I know that I can’t repay everything that she gave to me, but I will do my best, as best as I can, to repay her. I can’t slack around when I know my mother is suffering and doing her best for me, sometimes when I slacking myself up, I will remember how hard it is for her to live like that and I will encourage myself not to slack around or to procrastinate myself.

I will always love her, no matter what. She’s not perfect, but she’s doing her best and sacrifice so many things just for the sake of me, my brother and sister. She’s my willpower to become a great person, she’s the one that gives me hope to live and get through all the problems in my life. I will do my best to keep improving myself and become a better person. I will keep learning things so I can become a great and successful person. I want to become a successful person and make my mother happy. My very first wish after become successful? I want to buy a car so I can be traveling with her and my family together.

Right now, I will do my best to become a great and successful person. I can’t slack around and get lazy. I have to do my best and push myself up to break the limit and become successful. It’s all for my sake and her sake.

That’s it, that’s the story about my mother. How about you? How much you close with your mother? do you agree with everything that I write up there? give your answer and your story in the comment box below. Also, if you have any critique or advice for me then just send it over to me.

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