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Rabu, 04 Oktober 2017

Dee's Review : An Honest Review of The New Windows 10 : Is it Good ? (E)

As we already know, Windows is the most operating system that is used all around the world. Ever since I was a kid, the first Windows that I know is Windows ME and Windows XP, that’s classic. Since then I always use Windows as my operating system on PC, I tried to become a Linux user, but It’s not fit for me so I give up and get back to Windows. I also want to try MacOS, but I can’t do it. You must know the answer already, right? yes, I cannot afford it, because all of Apple Products is pretty d*mn expensive, even though I know that the user experience on both MacOS and iOS is better than other OS, It’s still so pricey for me and I can’t afford it, so I prefer and choose Windows OS.

There are so many version of Windows OS, from Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and the newest and the latest one is Windows 10. Microsoft said that Windows 10 will be going to become the last version of Windows until Microsoft decided to make a new Windows version. But don’t be afraid, this strategy doesn’t mean that Windows 10 will suck, Microsoft will gonna give a big update that giving Windows 10 a new and improved feature, and many improvements into your Windows 10 PC and make the user experience becomes much better than before.

Microsoft will surely supporting Windows 10 for a very long time and will go to give a big update to Windows 10 each year. In Microsoft Portfolio said that there will be 2 big updates that will be going to come to Windows 10 each year. It’s been 2 years, and Microsoft already gave us 3 big update from Windows 10 November Update, Anniversary Update, and the latest one is Creators Update. Of course, there are just so many features and improvement that’s included in each version of the update, and it makes your Windows 10 experience become better. Trust me, you going to love Windows OS after you try Windows 10.

The user experience is almost like MacOS and that’s a good thing, for a long time Windows is so tacky and the experience is lack something. The design and the mechanism, It’s like before Windows 10 is coming out, Windows is always lost to MacOS, but now it’s different, you’ll never be upset or disappointed with this latest version of Windows. There just so many features that are being added by Microsoft in Windows 10 from the original Windows 10 to the latest big update Creators Update

-          The Pros of Windows 10

I have been using Windows 10 since since the launch of the Original Windows 10 back at 2015, There are  a bunch of features that I like from Windows 10, here are the lists of feature that make Windows 10 is really cool :

1.      Multi Touchpad Gesture on Windows 10
With Windows 10 mousepad, right now you can do so many things, like going to the desktop, switch between program or software, open search box, open action center, change to another desktop. I’ having so much fun with this feature, I mean I always want this feature since in Windows 7. At that time when I was trying OS X, the touchpad gesture is really awesome. And I thought at that time also that, Microsoft will going to add this really much-needed feature to Windows 8, but it turns out to be false and the most annoying part is the start button is gone and being replace by Metro UI. (That su*ks Microsoft).

Then I keep waiting for another time when Microsoft will going to introduce a new version of Windows and when Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 back in 2015, what I want to know is the multi-touchpad gesture that I really need, and finally, touch-pad gesture is in Windows. Finally, Microsoft learns something from the so many lacks of Windows 8 back then.

2.      Virtual Desktop is so Helpful
This is the second feature that I like in Windows 10, I mean you can have so many virtual desktops that have their own program that’s open in that virtual desktop. I mostly used this multiple virtual desktop if I want to multitask myself doing writing and video or sound editing into my blog. If I want to switch, I just use the multi gesture feature to switch between each desktop. That’s really – really cool. What this feature lack is, the personalization of each virtual desktop that it doesn’t have, so every single virtual desktop is basically the same. I hope in the next update the virtual desktop is getting an upgrade or an improvement, I mean it has a really good function and everyone like it, so let’s hope for Microsoft to improve the Virtual Desktop feature in the Windows 10

3.      The Classic Start Menu Is Back but with a Major Improvements + Metro UI Mix
I really don’t like Metro UI Start, It’s like Microsoft’s killing the Classic Start which is the Windows characteristic since the very beginning of Windows. I condemn the action that Microsoft take in Windows 8. In Windows 10, the start is back with a few major improvement. The start is like the mix between the classic and Metro UI start and it’s cool. One thing that I like from Metro UI start is I can edit the layout and the color as I like, and with Windows 10, I can make my own start layout style, and I love it. When I first use the vanilla version, there were some limitations like I cannot drag an Icon from the start to the outside and vice versa. Until now, I don’t even know how to remove a program folder from the start. It’s a bit confusing though, and I hope Microsoft will fixing this and bring a new feature to the classic start

4.      Easy to Get a Software from Open Source, Freeware, Free Trial and Paid
It’s not a coincidence that Windows 10 has so many softwares (open source, free ware, to paid). Windows is the most OS that being used by people around the world, the access to get so many software that’s available and rich is here

-         The Cons of Windows 10

That’s what I like from Windows 10, what I don’t like, here they are :

1.      The Annoying Automatic Windows Update
It’s really annoying, I mean we cannot turn off the Windows update except we shut down the service of Windows Update, there’s no way we or even general user can stop the Windows 10. Microsoft said that ‘forcing’ an update to a PC can help and ensure Windows 10 PC is always getting the new update and improve the security in Windows 10. If you’re into the news in the past 2 years, this problem is become a phenomena because Microsoft dare to disable the manual toggle to disable Windows Update. The worst thing? Microsoft makes Windows 7 and Windows 8 user to upgrade to Windows 10  by forcing them with a tricky step to trap Windows 7 and Windows 8 user to install and upgrade to Windows 10. The next annoying part is Windows 10 is forcing you to even install a driver for your PC to the newest version, but the problem is sometimes it doesn’t work and can't get the latest version of the driver.

2.      The Confusion Between Settings and Control Panel
I’m also confused between UWP Settings and Control panel. For your information, UWP settings are definitely UWP of Control Panel. Since the original until creators update, Microsoft is slowly making Settings as a main choice than control panel, what I find it ridiculous is, how the hel* that the migration to UWP program is taking a really long time to take. I mean, come on, Microsoft is a huge company and has many talented people who can take care of this, but nothing that can fasten the migration process from Control Panel to Settings. But behind of the confusion, It’s still easy to understand and navigate through the Settings, you can set up something in here easily than when you’re in the Control Panel. I hope in the next update, they can migrate all of the set up from control panel to settings

3.      The dull and not improved Task Manager
The task manager is one of the useful program in Windows OS, it’s like an app or software that we use to help us when there is something going on or crash or hang are happening on your PC. It also tells you the information of the Hardware, the resource that being uses, and services. Honestly, I find it so hard to believe that Task Manager is just like that, there is no new feature or improvement even until in Creators Update.  Task Manager is always helpful, but it’s kind of dull and needs some improvement.

Nice addition for Task Manager will be come and bring a new feature to Windows 10, there will going to be a GPU resource and monitoring system inside task manager and that’s good.

4.      Windows Store Doesn’t Have too Many Apps
Ok, I know that there are just so many Win32 application on Windows, Win32 software is like you can find it everywhere for Windows, the UWP apps in Windows 10 store is just a few. Windows Store is still growing, but it’s growing so slowly and lost to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. I hope Microsoft will find a way to increase the UWP apps on Windows Store, so the apps that available in the Windows Store is increasing and there are so many varieties that we can get from the categories that we want

5.      Don’t Have Any Built in Desktop Widget App
The addition of Windows Desktop Widget back then in Windows 7 is a nice addition and become a characteristic that make Windows 7 so different from the predecessor, and I hope Microsoft will going to included and improved it in the next version of Windows. It turns out, that This feature is gone in Windows 8 and so on, we can’t get Windows Desktop Widget in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Right now,  the widget that we can add to Desktop is only Sticky note, but that’s all. But don’t worry, there is a third party software that’s better than built-in Windows Desktop Widget, you can have a cool widget with using Rainmeter Desktop. It’s an amazing program, and can boost the beautiful of your desktop.

So how is it ? do you agree with me? If you read this then I personally giving you the advice to install or upgrade or choose Windows 10 as your main PC OS. It’s good and it’s getting better and better. Trust me, you’ll going to like it. And for surprise, Windows 10 will have a new big update, 4th big update. The name is Fall Creators Update, I know it sounds very similar and I also think that Microsoft is so lazy at making a new different name to each update, but really, the new features and improvement in this update will surprise you and you’ll be going to be like it  

Windows 10 is already more than 2 years, the newest update Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will come to you Windows 10 PC start to rolling out on October 17th,2017, So If you really want to upgrade to Windows 10, It’s the right time to upgrade your pc into the latest generation of Windows and newest big update of Windows 10.

I think this is the end of my post. Don’t forget to subscribe and like our fans page. If you have any question you can ask a question in the comment box below. Thank you very much.

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