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Kamis, 05 Oktober 2017

Dear Procrastinator, Don’t Destroy Your Career and Your Dream (E)

“Everyone can become a procrastinator because it’s easy to procrastinate yourself and doing nothing”

Dear procrastinator, I know that right now, in this moment you’re procrastinating on something. Postponing a much important work until you get back to your sense to finished what’s left from your work with a deadline that will soon will br coming, of course the result is clear, the quality lf your work is bad.

“Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something”

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something important on your life like work, project, and that resulting in a problem for you in the future. You begin to question yourself why this is always happening to you, beginning to blame yourself in the end, but when you’re trying to be better and not procrastinate? It’s failed and you’re back to become a procrastinator, believe me, I’m already there. Right now, you probably realize that you become a really good procrastinator, it’s like procrastinate is one of your best skill that you can fill in your resume if you can, but sadly it’s one of the bad skill. 

You’re beginning to make a plan or strategizing something or heck even you make a guide to get out from being a procrastinator. But in the end, it’s failed and you begin to procrastinate again, and again, and again. I know it, because I still also has a problem with procrastinating myself. I remember a quote, that the hardest enemy of me is myself and when your procrastination persona is awake, believe me if you’re not preparing for it, you’ll going to lose and will procrastinate.
There are a bunch of tips that can make yourself away from doing procrastination, here are the lists to stay away from procrastinating :

1.    Don’t Trust Your Brain About Your Future Self

Every time when you want to procrastinate, there’s some kind of process that’s happening inside your mind, when you procrastinate, you will going to say: “I will do it later, maybe I will have a much better mood to finish it.” Boo, that’s a lie, it turns out that you still doing nothing about the project and keep abandoning it until you feel you want to do it or finished it. No, believe me, don’t do that. Don’t trust your future self, you must do it right now, there’s no time, wake up from the fantasies that your mind and brain that your future self in the next hour will be much better than you are right now, start your work or homework or project right now.

I always train myself not to trust my future, because if I’m already procrastinating, I already know that the next hour of me will still the same. In my mind, I will be said: “I can’t trust my future self, I must start my work right now or else I will be doomed, come one slacker start your work right now.” That will go to motivate me a bit, you must make your own mind speak that can dispel the control of your brain when you do a procrastination.

2.    Just Start It

Just start your work, I mean you have to start your work right now, bit by bit and without you realize you’re already doing your work or maybe you’re near to finished it. If you can’t finish the big ones, you can do the easy one. It’s a Zeigarnik Effect, Zeigarnik effect teaches us that one sometimes we must start our work right now, if you can start any work from any project then the rest will tend to follow. If you feel too overwhelmed when you want to start the project, choose the easy job first, don’t do the hardest. Once you’ve made a start, in the end, there’s something that will draw you on to the end. When you procrastinate, you always being overwhelmed because you get so wrapped up in thinking about the most difficult parts of the project.

The sense of being overwhelmed can be a big contributor to procrastination. Just take the first step and start your work right now, because every step matters and it will result in failure or success in your project or work

3.    Always Remember Your Big Dream

You already know that if you procrastinate, you will increase the failure of yourself to get you big dream. Come on, don’t procrastinate, remember your dream, remember your big dreams. The dream that will make yourself great, of how great you are when you succeed to get your dream. Try this, always remember you dream everytime you want to procrastinate something, make a note on your book or journal or your phone about your big dream, or you can make a reminder that will always remind you of your big dreams on your phone. That’s what I do to always make me remember of my big dream.
How is it, Procrastinator ? I know there’s a possibility that you’re still going to procrastinate after reading this article. That’s okay, but you must know the consequences of your action. Every second's matter, every hour that you do to procrastinate yourself will be remembered, especially when you can’t get your dream. Regretting the past is really hurtful, I know that because we can’t-do anything to change it because it already happened.

Come on, you can do it. Just remember your big dream, you must fulfill your dream and make it happen and become real.  By doing a procrastination, that means you’re one step behind to fulfilling your big dream, one step to make you catch your dream, one step that can make your dream is just a dream. Another thing that you can do maybe try to remember someone who you think will be happy or proud if you success, maybe your parents, your family or maybe your loving one, they will gonna be happy for what you did if you become a successful person, they also will go to support you so don’t forget to ask for help to them.

“Everyone can have a big dream, but only the chosen one that can make it happens”

By chosen one I mean the hardworking one who doesn’t do procrastinate and keep improving. You must make your dream come true, It’s your job to make your dream comes true, no one will go to replace you to make the dream comes true for you, they have their own agenda and their own dreams too, they can only just support you, but the rest is up to you. You have a limited amount of time, so use it wisely and do the freaking job to be done, because it’s not going to finish by itself. You already have the responsibility to make your dreams come true or your big project. So do it now or you will be going to regret it for the rest of your life.

“We can’t stop time because time will always be ticking, stop procrastinating before it’s too late”

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