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Kamis, 19 Oktober 2017

Between Me and My Laptop (E)

(this article is part of my English and Grammar training, feel free to give critique and advice for me, Thank you)
Today I will going to tell you about what is going on with me and my laptop. Hope you can enjoy it.
Computer ? Computer is my best friend. I always like playing computer since I was a kid. I’m a different kid at that time, I had a disease that makes me different. Even until now and the disease’s gone, I can’t live in a normal way because I have so many anti-social treats because of my disease and my childhood. Back then, After school I will directly went to my home and then playing computer or games on computer until dawn. It's really exciting when you can do what you like all time, and that's what I do until now, playing on computer/PC. 

Nowadays, I don’t use computer anymore as my personal PC and choose Laptop as my new friend. You can't bring PC anywhere you want, and I want something that I can bring with me all the time (mostly). I always (mostly) carry my laptop everywhere because Laptop is like my world and it’s really important for me, there are just so many things or activity that I do with my laptop .  Mostly  all of my daily basis activity are done by using laptop such as making an article for my blog by using Microsoft Office, do vector designing, make a video tutotial and editing video, or doing a leisure activity like social media, reading an article/book/magazine/novel/comics. I’m a blogger, part time vector designer, and a video maker and a college student so Laptop is just like my main machine .

I can say that computer is my passion because mostly everything that I can do is by doing it in my laptop. I always like something about technology because if you can use the technology properly, there just tons of benefit that we can get from technology. Technology can make our life easier, easier to do something, easier to get things done, easier to help people in need and so many more.

My Laptop is ASUS X455 LJ, My Laptop specification is Intel Core i3 Gen 5th Broadway, 4GB of RAM, 512 GB or HDD, and NVIDIA Geforce 920M plus Intel HD 5500. ASUS X455 LJ is an everyday laptop. But I can mostly do all the things from office, gaming, analyzing, designing, and video/music making. I probably will going to upgrade it’s RAM to 8GB and HDD to SSD in the future, but right now it can contain and handle every work that I do. Oh and I’m using Windows 10 right now as my main Operating System for my laptop.

One of my specialty also I can learn any app/program easily, Laptop is just my world and I'm a curious person so I must explore everything that I want. I can do so many things from vector designing, video or music making and editing,  a bit of programming, and layouting. I know the basic language of Pascal, java, HTML/XML and android programming. I can learn so many things with my laptop because I like exploring everything with my laptop. If I want to learn or excer at some program, I will going to learn  it by reading the manuals or program’s help or watching the tutorial in the Internet. Of course I need time, but I can learn easily if I'm serious about it because I love playing computer/PC.

So that’s about me and my laptop, you can say that Laptop is just like my world and I can’t live without it. Laptop is helping me in so many ways and it’s so useful and helpful to me. My life is getting easier because of my laptop.

And That’s it for now, If you have any question regarding my article, you can ask on the comment box below and I will try my best and as fast as I can to answer it. If you have any critique and advice for me regarding my post/article or this blog, you can also tell me on the comment box below because It will going to help me improving my post/article and blog quality.

How about my English grammar in this article ? is it still not good ? I’m so sorry because I’m still learning and trying to improve my writing and English language skill. Thank you very much, and see you next time

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