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Minggu, 15 Oktober 2017

Top 5 (Five) Benefits Of Writing Regularly (E)

If you already read my recent articles, you’re probably know that I like writing. I’m writing on a daily basis. Writing to record something, writing to note something, writing to relief myself when I got stress and writing for my blog. Writing is like part of my life, I’m writing so many things since I was a kid. Writing helps me in so many things. I have a problem when it comes to tell to other people about my feeling or problem, and to compensate the burden or the stress that I got from keeping the problem or emotion to myself, I write my everything into my journal. At least this is what I can do to relieve and reduce the stress so I can live without much stress and burden. That’s all thanks to Writing.

I also like to write because I like to fantasize something, when your friends are tv or computer and your daily activity was watching an anime, or cartoon or playing fantasy game then you absolutely know why I like to fantasize about many things. Writing helps me to expand my fantasy, with Writing I can get a more detailed fantasy and It’s pretty cool, it’s like you can make your own origin and your own world. Writing helps me in so many things.

Right now as a blogger, I must do the writing on regular basis and more consistent (because I want to expand my blog and keeps my blog alive). Having a habit of writing regularly is good for me, and when I realized this, there are just so many benefits that I got from writing regularly. Here is the list of benefits that I felt from writing regularly.

1.    Can Help Relieve My stress

This is the first thing that I really feel. I don’t know how to explain this to you, but I think Writing can reliefs my stress. I’m already become an active blogger and writing regularly since 4 months ago. I know that I can’t erase my stress, but at least writing can help reduce my stress level and that’s good for me or for you who have so many problems that you don’t want to share with someone. 

Back then, I read about the benefit or writing regularly can decrease yourself, at first I don’t believe it, but right now I know that it is true because I prove it myself. I know that some of you do not believe me? My answer is you can try it yourself, try to write something regularly or become a Blogger. Become a Blogger means you must writing regularly and trust me It will going to help your stress. 

2.    Writing Can Help Replace My ‘Bad Habit’

This one is probably what I feel right now, every time I write something. I have a bad habit when it comes to playing games and watching tv or film because I can do it all day and It’s wasting my time so much. So to replace it, I must make or replace it with a “good habit” or do some useful things such as reading a book or an article, playing and exercising my Violin skill, or with Writing. 

I always read or heard from motivational article or video that If we want to erase our bad habit, we must make a ‘good habit’ and replace the bad habit with the good habit that we made. It’s an overwriting method and It’s much easier than just erase a bad habit alone. Writing is one of the good habits that I can do easily because mostly I write on laptop or smartphone and can prevent me from doing a bad habit on those things

3.    Writing is Better than Procrastinating

God gives us 24 hours every day, that’s 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds that we always get every day. It’s a huge amount of time that we got every single day and the truth is we can do so many things with it. Every normal human being has the same chances to use that time to do everything that he/she want to do. For me, I always want to make every minute counts for me. I’m trying as best as I can not waste the time that I got for a useful activity even though that procrastinating always becomes my obstacle.

It’s really easy to procrastinate myself because I have so many things that can make me procrastinate such as Laptops, Tablet PC, Smartphone, and iPod. I can say that I’m a good procrastinator, He*l, I’m great at it. It’s really easy to do nothing or waste so much time doing a useless activity such as watching TV or Watching Film, playing games or browsing social media all day. I’m really easy to regret something, and when I regret something I will get stressed out. I don’t want to increase my stress level, I want to decrease it. So the one things that I have to do is making a time schedule.

These past years, I’m trying to learn about time management. If you have a good time management, you can prevent yourself from procrastination, thus can decrease my stress level and thus can break my bad habit. Making a time schedule or daily activity so I will not go to forget all of the important things that I must do at that day. I know that sticking to your time management plan is not easy, but I’ll keep trying and improve myself. Another thing is, It's also helped me to exercise to be more discipline to the plan that I already made and in the end it’s all so I can become a better person 

Writing can replace my procrastination activity, when I begin to procrastinate I will going to tell myself that I must replace it with something useful and Writing is one of the best choices that I have. With Writing, I can increase and exercise my writing skill, my English skill. I always want to become a really good content writer or become a ‘Wordsmith”. Also when you’re a Blogger, you must have a consistency when you want to release an article, is it daily, twice or third times a week, it’s up to you but you must consistent with what you already do. With doing writing, I can get out from lazing around and procrastinate myself, so I can use my time on more meaningful or useful things. 

4.    Writing Can Improve My Writing Skill

When It comes to writing with a structure, I suck at this because I write everything that I want, without any structure like some kind of introduction, content and closing section. I write as like as I want. But then I realized now when I was in college and finishing my research article. You will go to suffer when you do that, you will going to stuck so many times because you’re not writing regularly, and it can prolong the time to finish your research article, thus can lead you to stress or depression (and I don’t want that). Because of that, I learn from my past mistakes and I want to exercise my writing skill with writing regularly and become a Blogger 

Writing regularly means that we exercise our vocabulary knowledge, train us to make a good sentence, challenge us to make a good paragraph so when I or someone read the write or the article, I or they will understand what I try to explain or, It will be read fluently or flowingly by me or someone.

5.    Writing Can Keep My Knowledge Still Relevant

The other things why I want to write because I also want to keep my knowledge especially about nutrition (as my degree) and about computer & technology still relevant. I want to know how much I know about something related to nutrition and computer, I want to know what I understand after I read some book, article or journal about nutrition and computer. I want to keep my knowledge competencies better and better because when you write something, you must also read some kind of references. It can be from books, article or journal that I read.

So, that’s it what I felt when I actively writing. I can reduce my stress level even it’s only just a little, I can erase my bad habit by overwritten my bad habit, I  can stay away from procrastinating myself and wasting my time with unimportant things, and also I can learn to increase my writing and my English skill. It makes me a bit happy, less stressed in my daily life. I know that some of you will not believe me because everyone will be going to have a different feeling after writing regularly.  So what are you waiting for? I challenge you to begin writing regularly and feel the positive effect or benefit from it.

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