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Sabtu, 14 Oktober 2017

Being Fat on Holiday is Just Inevitable (E)

Being Fat on Holiday is Just Inevitable

(This post is part of my English and Grammar Training, feel free to give a critique or advice, I will really appreciate that. Thank you very much)

What do you think about holiday ? are you also waiting holiday to come ? are you excited about holiday ? if you’re answer is yes, then you and I are the same. I always waiting for holiday to come, It’s fun when we are on holiday. We can do so many things in holidays or maybe we can do nothing on holiday. When you’re in college and you are a college student, there are just so many things that can make you stressed out, so holiday is like a miracle and we can forget everything that happened in college and try to have fun. Holiday is fun, but there are two  things from the holiday that I don’t like. First, Holiday is making me fat, I can eat everything that I want because there no limiter when you’re in home, you can get every food that you want because you don’t have to save your money. Second, Holiday is making me lazier than ever. When you are lazy, you will tend to procrastinate and not do anything, also my physical activity will going to decrease and it’s really easy to get fat. I can play video games or watching tv/films all day and sometimes I can’t stop it, It’s like I’m being absorbed into it and can’t get away.

When you eat too many foods and you don’t do enough physical activity or exercise then get ready to get fat when you are. I can get 3 – 5 kg of weight gain at the end of my holiday, and it’s shockingly making me a bit fat and probably I will resent myself because of the weight gain that I got. I resent myself because I eat too much and  not exercise regularly. All of those things are making me become fat, and I don’t want to be fat. Fat is not good for me, being fat is not good for my health, also being fat makes me can’t do or use many things and it is suck. So to prevent that, I must exercise regularly and control what I eat so I can control my body weight and I can stay normal.

So that’s it, that two things that I don’t like when holiday is coming, I will tend to eat too much and not do physical activity/exercise regularly. I know that it is wrong, because of that I’m trying as best as I can to control it and get away from getting so much weight gain so I don’t get fat.

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