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Selasa, 03 Oktober 2017

Become a (Successful) Blogger Is Never Going To Be Easy (E)

Become a blogger is easy ? Do you think being a blogger is easy ? It never gonna be easy, It’s not like become a blogger is an easy way to get success, It’s not. Never in my thought that become a blogger is easy, I know that there so many things that happened to a successful blogger, we just don’t know their up and down from become a blogger, and now I become a blogger, I know that it never been easy. We must work harder and smarter, learn something, learn a new thing to improve our blog and ourselves. It’s not easy, we have to give our time to learn and improve. Sometimes the results is not like what we expect, but if we wait patiently enough for it and keep doing it right, I believe that one day we will succeed. It’s a guaranteed. Become a blogger, means that you must also have to know and learn about web programming like Html or xml language, we have to learn the basics from it if we want to. Back then, the first reason I make this blog because I want to improve my writing skill and become a good content writer. But now, it’s like I want more, I want to make this blog much better, more improve and of course profitable for me.

I’m writing because I like to write, my minds is always wandering and fantasizing something and everything. Human is a curious living being and always wonder, to keep it in control I have to do something so I will not lose control. Writing gives me something, with writing I can figuring out the vague in my fantasy, I can describing it more detailed than just fantasizing something. I always like to fantasizing something and with writing, it will become much clearer. One of my dream is to become a great Content Writer, so I have to train my writing skill and become a better one from time to time. I also like to write to release my stress, sometimes when I get stress, I do tend write a journal, a digital journal to trying to console my problem and find the way to solve it. I do more like writing than speaking, so that’s why I want to write. I’m writing because I don’t want to procrastinate myself. In this era and more advanced technology is in every inch of our life, It’s really easy to procrastinate around, Oh believe me, I’m the best one when it comes to procrastinate and doing nothing or being lazy, It’s like I’m already mastering it. I don’t want to procrastinate around so I have to add something, something that I like, something that I always do, and that’s writing. With writing on blog makes me more discipline and consistent, I mean we have to make our blog better with a good content and regularly post it with a new article right? And we must be discipline and consistent if our blog wants to improve. I have to make a good time management with my personal life, my work, and my hobby. It’s not easy, sometimes there’s a down time but mostly I can handle it. I have to if I want to be a successful blogger and make my blog profitable. I have to stay discipline and consistent with the time and trying not to procrastinate. Become if I’m procrastinate and being lazy, there’s a bad thing that will gonna happen and make me guilty enough that wasting time with procrastinate or being lazy is never will be better.

"I become a blogger because Blogging is helping me in many ways"

Stress and depression is a bit of my life problems or everyone problems, but I have to stay alive and trying not to suicide. Everyone has their own way to fight stress and depression, you have your own way, so I am but also sometime. everyone has different kind of things when they got stress or depression, sometimes it gets better sometimes it get worse, there is no quick fix for every of our problems. Life is never been easy, It just us who getting stronger. We don’t know what will gonna happen to us in the future, We don’t know our dying date, if they know they will freak out. Writing is one of my refugee when I get stress, I do writing to explain my angriness, or my stress or my problem so the problem will be a bit calm and not stressing to much. I’m worried that if I get more stress or my stress is at the peak and I can’t control it I will do a really bad thing like hurting myself or worse ? trying to suicide myself. I don’t wanna do that, so I keep writing. I also have a hypertension, and stress is the one of main reason to causing a hypertension. When you got a hypertension, It’s not easy, you have to keep away and control your stress, trying not to stressing my self so my pressure is in normal state. When I read that Hipertension is one of the etiology to causing so many dangerous illness, and It’s not good me, and If I want to stay alive for a long time
Become a Blogger is also I have to try to to reward myself, I mean not everything is what we expect, sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad. We just have to do much harder and smarter so everything will be okay and stay on course. At that time I know that I thought to increasing the view to my blog is much a bit easier, but it’s not, there are just so many thing that I have to do to fix so many things in my blog so it will improve my blog and the visitor will gonna increase. But then when I already fix it, another problem is show up and the visitor view is not what I was expecting. It’s stressing, but I know that I do have to learn more and improve the blog, so when the time comes, The visitor will become huge. We just have to believe at it, and trying as hard and as smart as we can to get everything that we believe or dream, It will become true. Trust me
Become a blogger also makes me not to give up easily, we just have to keep going with everything that we got and improving to get better and better. Become a Blogger is never going to be easy, there are just so many obstacles and challenge that we have to fight and finish to become a successful blogger. It’s a long term process, need so much energy and brain, we have to sacrifice many things. We must getting stronger and smarter to become successful blogger. We must do the hard wok if we want to become a successful blogger. One of the think that I always get in the article about how to become a blog, Never Give Up is the key to success, not just for become a blogger, but in everyday life. If you ought no to give up, believe me, you will gonna find a way to become successful in you blog and in your life.

For you who wants to become a blogger, ask yourself why you want to become a blogger ? do you really like to write ? do you really want to invest or sacrifice your self and your time to improving your blog ? you have to answer it by youself. Thank you very much. Subscribe and like the fans page of Dee Nutritions Blog. If you want to ask or give an advice, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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