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Senin, 02 Oktober 2017

Become a Blogger to Improve My Writing Skill (E)

“ Become a Blogger Since Senior High School, but it’s been on and off”

            It’s been 3 years since I've become a blogger, well I already have a blog since I was in senior high school but I stopped for a while until I make a comeback in 2014, and after that, I was on and off and on and off in blogging. In truth, if you don’t have a proper plan and good time management then you will gonna choose between your college life and blogging.I become a blogger to improve myself on writing skill, I mean I’m much better with writing than speaking so I want to improve myself to become better and better. Become a blogger just for fun? Well, that was easy. But to make your blogger into a profit, that’s challenging and so hard, it needs a long time commitment to become. I’m not a full-time blogging so It’s not my main job, it’s just like my second job so I keep it easy and be patient with the results that yet will gonna come someday to me. Become a blogger teach me so many things, especially at the language of HTML and XML in the blog, blogging and WordPress management, and become an administrator. That lesson was really helpful for me. Trying to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and maintaining your blog to become a better one, we need to keep improving myself and we must invest our time and energy on it. It’s challenging of course when you learn it but It’s worthed and helpful, besides you’ll gonna find a new thing when you learn something, and that’s good right?

“ Become a Blogger is challenging, but you’ll gonna learn a new exciting things in the way”
How about it? When you deciding to become a blogger, ask yourself Why you do you want to become a blogger ? is it will become a full-time job or side job? because every reason will make a different path than what I already got, but one thing for sure it will be challenging, you have to learn new things if you’re not from a computer-related degree program, and it will be time and energy consuming. Good Luck.

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