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Jumat, 06 Oktober 2017

Top 5 (Five) Lessons That I Got After Making More Than 50 Posts/Articles On My Blog (E)

“ Become a blogger is not easy, it’s difficult and there are just so many challenges that you’ll get”

I merely realize that I already make one of my first major blogging milestones, get a 50 posts/articles. Woah, it’s really exciting, I mean a long time ago when I start to blog again back in, at that time I think I will going to fail again and off again from blogging, but until now I’m still writing and I’m still blogging. It's been 4 months since I was become active to blog and write again, It's exciting. I learn so many things in the past months from learning SEO trick and optimization, learning a bit about HTML and XML language programming, learning to make an article in English, learning about how to increase visitor on my blog, and so much more. It’s really difficult to find the time to sit down and a rich content post, especially if you have another project or another work to do.

There are just so many things that I've done and without I realize I've already made 50 Posts on my Blog. That's a small milestone that I should be proud of. I mean not everyone can make until 50 posts/articles. When they stuck and bored with writing on a blog, they just stop and feeling that it’s not worthed my time and effort. I honestly think that I will go to be like that but I don’t know, It’s not that hard and I need my blog to write and to increase my writing and English skill.  I’ve continued to learn about blogging and content marketing since last month and I will never stop to keep improving myself and my blog to become better and better.

Below I have outlined 5 things that I can learn from 50 Articles that I make on my blog, here are the lists :

1.    It Feels Good that I Can Make 50 Posts/Articles This Far

For me to make 50 articles is good, there are so many things that I learn how to make a good article and the connection to increase the visitor to the Blog. I also begin to use the keyword planner and search for the most topic that is searched on the web (well Google search engine of course).  After 50 articles that I made, I’m beginning to ask a question of myself. “Is it good? Is it worthed? Did the plan work? did the visitor like your page ?” and so much more. Honestly, there is something that I still lack and I do have to improve, but I don't want to stop blogging because it goods for me and it helps me to improve myself

2.    Keyword Planner Is Your Friend

When you are trying to make a new article, you need a topic, what I learned recently that I can’t just make and choose what I have to make without using the keyword planner. With using keyword planner from Google, we will know what’s the topic that being search the most by the users all around the world. It makes you can be more specific and help you to make a good article that’s being searched by the internet user around the world. You can use Keyword Planner from Google Adwords, It’s really helpful for me when it comes to writing a new article for my blog.

3.    A Schedule Is Going to Make Your Work Easier

Until now, when I want to make an article I have to wait until I have the energy to make an article If I’m so fired up, I can end up making so many articles, but when I get bored or don’t have any energy I can only make 1 article. In the article that I read from a successful blogger, It said that we need to make a schedule to our blog. Tried to be more disciplined and consistent so It will be going to increase the chance. Blogging consistently is a challenge for anyone if you don’t have a good and specific schedule for your blog plus you’re not being disciplined and consistent with that schedule, trust me, it will going to fail because I already there. I’m still having a bit problem with the schedule of course, but I’m getting better to stick with my schedule because I make my schedule more specific and detail than before.

“Remember always, Discipline and Consistent are The Keys”

4.    It’s Not That Hard When You’re Discipline and Consistent

Discipline and consistency are needed when we are blogging, It makes our blog to become more credible because we stick to the plan and consistent to give the visitor a consistent and scheduled posts/articles. Seriously, discipline and consistency is your key to increase your blog’s visitor. It also can make your blog become more professional because you stick to your usual schedule post in your blog. Successful bloggers out there always talk about discipline and consistent because it’s really important if you want to make yourself not stressed out with the schedule. Also, you have to be patient with your blog, don’t rush yourself if you can’t make an article daily, make a plan that’s the best for you so it will make your blogging easier, not the other way around

5.    Getting More Fired Up Make To Reach The Next Milestone

For the next milestone is 100 articles posting. I’m still fired up to get 100 posts/article and also to increase my visitor on the blog. 100 Posts/article is my new target. There is no way I will go to slow down myself from this, not until I get 100 posts/articles. I will make so many posts this month until I get 100 posts/articles, It’s not hard when you’re already know how to do that. The next goal that I must get for this month is I can get 100 posts/articles before November.

So that’s it, that is 5 things that I learned after I made 50 posts/article on my blog. How about you? Are you a blogger too? Do you still active writing on a blog or you feeling bored so you stop writing? It’s never going to be easy when we want to become a successful blogger, we need an effort, a really hard effort to do that.

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