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Minggu, 10 September 2017

What's Inside of My Backpack 2017 (E)

As you know, I'm a college student and a gadget Enthusiast, besides my college things such as writing tools, book, and journal, I also bring my gadget almost every day so there are many things that I brought every day into my Backpack for my daily life. As you already know, I’m using Tigernu Backpack T-B3090USB as my Backpack for the next 2 years (you can read the review here)
Here are things that I always (or sometimes) I bring every day in my backpack :

1. First Compartment (Laptop Compartment)

In the first Compartment is my 14" Inch Laptop, Asus X455LJ, It's a good and beauty Laptop, It has good specifications for my daily and gaming Life (I want to upgrade the ram and add an SSD to my Laptop in the next year to speed things up a little bit). It has 3 hours tops battery life now, down 1 hour and 30 minutes from the first time I use this laptop.

2. Second Compartment (Main Compartment)

In the second Compartment, I have my Smartphone, Portable Desk, Documents Binder, Music Player and Headset and Power Bank, External Hard drive, My Journal Book and sometimes a reading book that I can read (mostly TOEFL book right now).

3. Third Compartment (Front Compartment)

In the last compartment is a place for my writing tools like pen, pencil, marker, highlight marker, also sometimes I bring my wireless mouse and Headset pocket and flash drive, there are also some documents that are small that fit into the pocket of this compartment. I also put my every key in here.

4. 4th Compartment and side pockets

In the fourth compartment is a backpack raincoat, a coin or money or anything but a large object that can fit into this front smallest compartment. I also brought a water bottle (or maybe brought a drink) into my side pocket. I also bring a small umbrella (if something goes wrong).

So those are the things that I always (or mostly sometimes) bring every day into my backpack. So what do you think? Is it cool or you have a different perspective? Let me know it by comment down below. Thank you very much.



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